Sporting, Martí and a goal dilemma for the visit to Burgos

The debate is open among the sportinguistas and a dilemma ventures into the head of the Sporting coach. Jose Luis Marti have again Diego Marino available and with it, the pulse in the goal takes a new dimension after what has been seen in the last two days. The presence of Cuéllar under the sticks, during the absence due to injury to the player from Vigo, has resulted in a victory and a draw that have tasted glorious to be eight points away with relegation before visiting Burgos on Sunday.

Mariño was the one chosen by José Luis Martí to occupy the goal when he arrived at Sporting. The decision did not imply any change, since the man from Vigo was a fixture in the eleven with Gallego, with whom he played every minute. The ‘rojiblanco’ goalkeeper remained as the starter in the new coach’s first three games, against Zaragoza, Sanse and Tenerife, all of which ended in defeat. In the latter he retired with a bruise on the fifth finger of one of his hands. Diego, one of the captains, was determined to play the following day, since, although with some pain, it did not prevent him from being used normally. But a muscle injury left him out of the list.

Once it was known that Mariño would not be in the visit to Leganés, Cuéllar’s moment came in a scenario well known by the man from Mérida. Butarque, the field where he played after he left Sporting in 2017, showed that other football that he knows how to dominate perfectly. From the pause in the goal kicks to give the team air and cool off the rival’s arreones, to his character to infect the team, debate with the referee or intimidate an opponent. An aspect that in different sectors of the club, and also within the fans, is especially valued. If Sporting managed to score a point in Butarque, last day, against Cartagena, the victory in El Molinón was a relief and endorsed the work carried out.

While it is decided who of the two will occupy the Sporting goal, José Luis Martí still cannot count on Jony, Calavera and Guille Rosas. The three have started the week apart from the group. Nor has he been able to count on Puma Rodríguez, concentrated with his selection. The Panamanian, whose team is already out of the World Cup, played this early morning match against Canada, after which he began his return to Asturias with a view to trying to arrive in time to be available in Burgos. Yesterday’s session was completed with the reserve team players Joel Jiménez, David Fernández, Enol Coto and Diego Boza.

Burgos, for its part, has just added seven of the last twelve points and still dreams of rounding off its great season. The team led by Julián Calero is ninth, six points behind promotion, and is virtually saved with 45 points. He has achieved it as a newly promoted and with the former Viedista Michu at the head of the sports management. In the squad, several players with a past in the region, such as ex-rojiblancos Álex Alegría and Claudio Medina, or ex-blues Alfonso Herrero and Saúl Berjón.

Juan Berrocal, in the foreground, before Bogdan, Djuka and Martí. JOHN SQUARE

Berrocal: “I appreciate the support that the fans will give us in Burgos”

“I have found out that the Burgos ticket sales website has collapsed. It is to be appreciated that our fans support us in this way”. Juan Berrocal wanted yesterday to have words of praise for the Mareona that is being prepared in El Plantío. “We will notice them very close. We will try to get the three points”, he remarked. Personally, he acknowledged that “it was hard for me to start” and that after a period “of ups and downs”, the remaining nine days are taken “as finals”.



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