Splurge statements! – Balotelli compares himself to Messi and Ronaldo – football

Confidence has never been his problem.

Mario Balotelli (31) once again draws attention to himself with exciting statements. The forward now plays for Adana Demirispor in Turkey. But that doesn’t stop him from comparing himself to the greatest of his generation.

In an interview with The Athletic, Balotelli said: “I’m sure I have the same talent as Messi and Ronaldo, but I let chances pass me by. I can’t say today that I’m as good as them because they won Ballon d’Ors. Nobody can compare to them, but when we talk about talent and quality, I don’t have to envy them.”

At the beginning of his career, Balotelli was seen as a striker prodigy at Inter Milan. Over the years, however, he has not been able to assert himself at any top club and has recently changed clubs almost every year. Balotelli now knows what went wrong for him.

The Italian: “My biggest mistake was leaving Manchester City. I could have played there for a long time like Agüero. If I had had the mentality I have now, I would have won a Ballon d’Or. I’m sure.”

Now Balotelli has a big goal: the World Cup in winter! The scandal striker sees himself as an integral part of the European champion team: “The only goal I have is the national team and trying to bring them to the World Cup. It must be normal for me to be in the national team.”

Open whether that will be something. Balotelli played his last international match in September 2018.



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