“respect for everyone but we have shown that we are a great team”

Juvi is preparing for the appointment with history, its first participation in the F8 of the Italian Cup: a desired, sweaty and deserved goal for the oroamaranto, protagonists of a crazy ride in the championship.

Starting with the lights off, Vacchelli & Co. have won everyone’s esteem and respect, as coach Alessandro Crotti points out: “at the beginning of the season no one considered us, now yes and this, besides being a source of pride, is first of all a prize to the work of everyone, of the boys, of the staff and of those who are behind the scenes. This summer, when the team was over, in my head I was convinced that we could do well and the facts are there to prove it”.


A team built in the image and likeness of his coach, who in recent months has worked tirelessly to transmit his basketball belief to a group that has proved strong, cohesive and hungry; the arrival at the Cup finals is a goal achieved but it can and must also be a starting point.
In recent months we have shown that we are a great team “continues Crotti,” we have important numbers, we are the best defense among the eight finalists, all top-level teams, and in the last few matches we have shown excellent things also in attack, with many moments of nice basketball, so I can safely say that we can play it with everyone, we certainly do not go on a school trip”.


The first, very hard, obstacle to face will be the New Vigevano basketball of the great ex Jacopo Mercante; the ducals are at the top of group A with 18 wins and 4 defeats, but come from the knockout in the very heartfelt derby against Pavia.
Vigevano is undoubtedly a team to be taken with a grain of salt, coach Paolo Piazza is working miracles and he deserves credit for this; let’s not forget that they beat us twice this year, once in pre-season and once in the Super Cup so we know we have to face them openly but with the utmost respect”.


Juvi is there and is ready: “we come from a good week of training, the only doubt we have about Fumagalli who is bruised and needs to be monitored, we will decide at the last minute whether to use him; from the mental point of view the boys are tense and charged at the right point, we will have to be good at managing emotions but I’m not worried, I know them and I know what they can give”.

Who instead of experience in these events has it to sell is the coach: “I can boast five participations so the experience is certainly there, the budget instead leaves a little to be desired since we are talking about two lost finals (smiles, ed) … let’s say that I have a bit of a worm linked to the Italian Cup, a statistic that I would like to reverse”.



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