Oviedo Basketball is back: great victory against Almansa (85-63)

Unicaja Banco Oviedo’s victory this Sunday against Almansa (85-63) has enormous value, a value that may not be perceived as much due to how the match unfolded, in which the locals dominated from a first quarter that they took by a 28-10 run that made the intentions and concentration with which the team from Oviedo came out on the floor very clear.

The time he has had to grease the Natxo Lezkano machine with the LEB Oro break has been fundamental in rebuilding a squad that has undergone an enormous mutation, going from a point guard like Harald Frey, one of the best in the competition, to a team in which rotations and players occupying several different positions prevail in the squad.

The fact is that the reinforcements seem to have been successful, with an Olle Lundqvist capable of raising the ball with guarantees despite his 2 meter height and a Paul Jorgensen who has an exceptional hand. The former scored 13 points, grabbed 5 rebounds and gave 5 assists and the latter had 14 points. Atencia also showed that he can contribute a lot to the team. But it was also a match for people like Kamba and McDonnell to once again offer their best version, who after having shone at the start of the competition, were going through a small pothole. They were the team’s top two scorers, with 15 points each.

The duel was controlled all the time, with attempts to approach by Almansa that never came to fruition and an advantage that was around twenty points until the end. A good defensive concentration served to cover some holes typical of a team that is still getting to know each other and that still has work to do. A job that can now be done with the peace of mind of knowing that this OCB has returned and can still give a lot of joy.



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