Oroz: «Anxiety makes me fight for all the balls and I suffocate a bit during the game»

Oroz, this morning in Illunbe. / juantxo lusa

Acunsa Gipuzkoa

The captain of Acunsa Gipuzkoa values ​​the step forward taken against Coruña and conveys that “the knee responds well”

Beñat Arnaiz

Xabi Oroz appeared this Tuesday in the Illunbe press room and gave a positive assessment of the victory achieved on Sunday against Leyma Coruña. “They were a rival that had one more victory than us and it was important for us to bring them out at home, because now we have two games away from Illunbe against Palma and Huesca.”

The victory, by 62-49, was suffered despite the final difference and Acunsa Gipuzkoa started with a changed foot by losing the first quarter by 15-24. “We gave up a lot of easy baskets. 24 points in a quarter are a lot playing at home and we had to go down in the mud. We clench our teeth back and improve the rhythm in attack. That was the important thing. We reacted and did a great job defensively for the next thirty minutes”, to the point of leaving the Galicians with 6, 9 and 10 points in the remaining three periods, with a seventeen-minute stretch in which they scored only two baskets in play .

The Gipuzkoan team now faces the visit to the courts of the last two classified of the LEB Oro, that of Palma on Sunday at 12.00 and that of Huesca next Wednesday. «Every day there are unexpected results and the victory against Coruña gives us confidence. I don’t know if it’s because of the reinforcements, or because of a change in attitude. I don’t know what happened in that dressing room, but Palma has turned the dynamic around and they have beaten Lleida and Coruña on their pitch and in Alicante they gave a very good image. For this game we don’t have to look at the standings, we have to focus on their most recent games.”

“The knee responds well”

Oroz has already played five games since ending nine months of recovery from his knee injury. He has done it at a great level. Higher than expected. “I feel more and more comfortable. The knee responds well to me and at the game level I’m fine. After nine months without competing, it is costing me to regulate my efforts. Anxiety leads me to fight for all the balls, to go for all the offensive rebounds and to press, and I drown a bit during the game, ”he has transmitted. «I have to control it and regulate the efforts, but the knee is responding well to me».


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