Once Caldas wants its own stadium outside of Manizales: project to leave Palogrande | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

The differences between the directors of Once Caldas and the Manizales mayor’s office, due to the taxes charged to the white club, provoked the idea of ​​leaving the Palogrande stadium.

The project of having its own stadium, outside of Manizales, is a fact. This was confirmed by Tulio Mario Castrillón. The ambitious project is not only to have a court, but also a hotel and a large commercial sector, on the outskirts of the capital of Caldas.

“Due to the high costs of entertainment taxes, the tax burden of the city of Manizales, the high costs of loan and maintenance of the stadium, the abandonment and low investment in the stadium, the shareholders have hired a firm for the designs for a convention center that would not be located in Manizales,” Castrillón told TIME.

Once Caldas would not leave Manizales at all. President Castrillón assured that “the team will not change venues but will play in Chichiná, Cartago or other municipalities near Manizales. This convention center would have a shopping center, a hotel, a stadium and concert areas.”

The new stadium, even, already has a name, would be the DAF de la Montaña Stadium and Convention Center, the leader told TIME.



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