Nock: VR’s Rocket League finds a release date on Quest 2

Nockthe clever mix of archery and Rocket League East scheduled for March 10 next, either in the next few days and hears make a name for yourself in esports ! Participate in aerial archery football matches by combining coordination, agility and strategy. Communicate with your teammates via voice chat to organize yourself while being in the heat of the moment. Skate and slide around the field while using a bow and arrow to blast the ball into the other team’s goal.

Nock uses realistic physics that you will need to master and the developer announces that this may take some time. He continues by detailing a little more the gameplay. Blocking arrows allow you to create obstacles and you can even use your body to protect and even score goals, but be careful not to take the ball in the face or risk being knocked out.

The title is playable with AI in custom games, but promises to be more fun, physical and very dynamic once in the multiplayer mode offering ranked matches for up to 3 vs 3 players.

The game page is available in the store Meta Quest.

If you haven’t taken the plunge yet, you can treat yourself to a Meta Quest 2 at the house of Boulangerthe Fnac, Darty Where Amazon for €349.99.



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