MondoRossoBlù.it | BASKETBALL – Statte basketball, coach Castiello: ” Refounding the youth sector was one of our priorities ”

At the end of the qualifying phases of the regional youth championships, the head of the Basketball sector Statte coach Vincenzo Castiello, draws an initial assessment of the performance of the 2021/22 season:

“The 2021/22 sports season should have been the season of the return to normal but, as the numbers of infections experienced in recent days sadly attest, Covid-19 has been and, unfortunately, continues to be an unpleasant adventure companion . An adventure that despite the preconditions we still decided to live and do it intensely, confident that in our small way we could help our children to recover that piece of life that the pandemic has taken away from them in the last two very difficult years. The day after the end of the qualifying phases of the regional youth championships, I wanted to make an initial assessment of the season for which I can only be fully satisfied “.

Gratitude for the work done by him and his staff, coach Castiello, happy with the results he claims: “My satisfaction is not only the result of mere sporting results, but also, indeed above all, of the fact that I was able, with my staff, to re-establish a youth sector that this season sees us involved in the FIP championships with Under 14 and Under 19 categories. Two groups where passion and desire to continue working hard to improve and make up for lost time shines through in every training session. ”

Pandemic that has also hit the sector of Minibasketballthe head of the basketball sector of Statte He concludes: “Unfortunately the Minibasket sector is the one that has suffered the most from the pandemic in terms of membership. Despite this we have managed to guarantee activity in the various groups, from chicks to rookies and, confirm our inseparable Pink group. ‘last sector we are starting the season of joint training with the other basketball realities of the province to let our little ones live, obviously with the utmost caution, those precious moments of aggregation and comparison, unfortunately unknown for most of them “



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