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Carlo Ancelotti i Kylian Mbappé they are two unique characters in the world of football. Carletto is a hedonist ‘enjoyment’ who cooks for his guests and walks through the center of Madrid getting lost among the museum rooms. Kiki is a young Frenchman, the son of a Cameroonian and an Algerian, who learned to speak Spanish at the age of 15. Monaco because he dreamed that one day he would play, al Real Madrid.

This Wednesday Kylian terrifies the Bernabeu overcoming the uncertainty generated by the untimely stepping on his partner Gueye, which could have cost him his participation in the match that the whole football world will follow this Wednesday. The records of Mbappe this season they are overwhelming: 34 games with 24 goals and 17 assists.

In other words, he has scored 41 goals in 34 games. More than one per game. However, his lethality does not intimidate him Real Madrid in which Modric He warned: “I hope Kylian is not injured and can play.” I Ancelotti he added: “I would understand the applause at the Bernabeu. This stadium has always appreciated the great players. A speech, that of both, so cordial that it is difficult not to glimpse a tone of welcome to who will be his partner in the summer.

Although if on one side appears the ‘Prince of goal‘, this lush striker that the sheikh has surrounded with twilight stars like Messi O Neymar, on the other will be the King ofEurope. A Madrid that, as Modric claimed, “has just won three Champions in a row or four in five years. It may seem easy, but what defines the difficulty is that PSG have been trying to win for years and have not succeeded.

“Smart” lift

“Smart” liftAncelotti park hedonism to exhibit just pragmatism. So after confessing that “defeat a Paris we were proud of it “, his message to Madrid has permeated common sense. Flee from the epic, the big comebacks and the fighting gossip. Carletto” class=”link copy”>Carletto bet on a “smart” comeback. And he remembers: “You don’t have to score, just win the game. It is as good to advance in the first minutes as in the last play. All we have to do is stay in the game at all times. ”

The Italian coach has two substantial losses in his eleven, especially in the defensive aspect: Mendy i Casemiro. Neymar he has not been as elegant with the loss of his compatriot as Modric with Mbappé: “Real Madrid will miss Casemiro. It’s better for us not to play. ”

Pendent de Kroos

His absence, by cards, seems capital, even more so knowing that the participation of is in the air Kroos, with discomfort in the hamstrings. If the German finally plays, as it seems after an intense recovery plan, Valverde O camavinga they will fight for Casemiro’s position with an advantage for the Uruguayan. On the side, Carletto handles three options: place Nacho sealing the left flank, place Alaba in this lane and in the nursery as a dance partner of militancy, or least likely, risk with Marcelo, something that without Casemiro would be almost a suicide with Neymar, Mbappé and Messi in front of him.

Offensively, Madrid has solid numbers with 80 goals in 39 games with 18 different scorers this season. With special attention to the trident Benzema-Vinicius-Asensio, with more than 50 goals. Ancelotti does not intend to burn PSG with intensity. Plan to cook the game over low heat until it reaches the precise cooking point and savor a classification that would leave a good taste. A Carletto it worries him how to slow down the verticality of one Mbappe who on his first visit to the Bernabeu left frustrated without marking. But he doesn’t want to neglect one either Messi apocat that has a good chance to justify his signing by the Parisians in a scenario like the Madrid Coliseum.

Messi, ace up his sleeve

Precisely this is the ace up your sleeve Pochettino, who has been flattered in flattery with his countryman to activate him in this most demanding duel: «Messi, with seven golden balls, he is the best player in the world. Kylian is still running for office. Nor does Ancelotti neglect a Neymar who is excited to ‘act’ in the white temple. However, Carletto has the recipe to stop the stellar PSG: 11 ‘Casemiros’ when they don’t have a ball and, as in the big nights of the Champions League, the push of the Bernabeu. That he will dedicate a standing ovation to Mbappe in gratitude for his pulse with the sheikh for going to Madrid. Although as I warned Modric, “What the Bernabeu really wants is to see Madrid play well and win.” And Mbappé, in June …



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