Latvia, Finland and Cyprus will host Eurobasket 2025 | Europe up to date | D.W.

The 2025 European men’s basketball championship will be hosted by Latvia, Finland and Cyprus, while talks will continue to find out if Ukraine can join the list, the International Basketball Federation (FIBA) announced on Tuesday (29.03.2022).

Latvia, in addition to hosting one of the four first-round groups, will host the final tournament from the round of 16. Finland and Cyprus will host one group each in the first phase.

FIBA also referred to the current situation with the Ukraine case, after that country was attacked and invaded by Russia since the end of February.

“Having taken into consideration the extremely difficult circumstances and enormous challenge facing the country, and in an act of solidarity”, the FIBA ​​Board decided to continue until November 2022 “exclusive talks” with Ukraine as the eventual host country of the fourth group of the first phase of Eurobasket 2025.

“At the same time, FIBA ​​Europe will work on an alternative plan,” explained the body based in Mies (Switzerland). The Eurobasket 2025 will be played in principle in the month of September, but the specific dates have not been specified for now. (AFP)


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