I Calañas Hunting, Livestock and Artisan Products Conference held in March

After the presence of COVID few acts of this style have been carried out in the country for two years and With the arrival of normality, hunting and the rural world are once again present at fairs and other events. In this case, in the Andalusian town of Calanas, Huelvaat the end of March will take place the 1st Hunting, Livestock and Artisan Products Conference with an extensive program and the intervention of different public figures of relevant importance. We tell you the details.

Programming of the conferences

The opening ceremony will take place on friday 25 at 6:00 p.m. with the opening of space for crafts and products related to hunting and livestock activity in the multifunctional room of Calañas.

The Saturday at 10:00 in the morning the doors will be opened space for crafts and products related to hunting and livestock In the same place. At 11:00 there will be a winery dog ​​show organized by the Andalusian Winemakers Club.

At 12:00 there will be a conference called “Homologation of hunting trophies” and carried out by the rapporteur Lucas Llanes.

Practical activities

In addition to everything mentioned, other activities at the headquarters of the Calañas hunters society throughout the day as field-target practice, as well as archery exhibitions.

Also in the old soccer field, they will talk about the benefits of archery for mastectomized peopleIt is organized by the Andalusian Hunting Federation.

At 13:00 there will be a Exhibition of the Canine Brigade Against Poison organized by the Junta de Andaluci´a.

afternoon journey

After a lunch break at 16:30 there will be another dog show winemakers and then to the 17:00 there will be a conference on “The repopulation of rabbits” with the important rapporteur Rafael Villafuertes and then at 18:00 another conference on the “management of deer in open farms” with the professional of the subject Juan Carranza.

It will be at 19:00 when the conference “Hunting in the 21st century” will be held with the speaker José Andrés García Pelaez.

To end the day Inma Vilchez will perform at the headquarters of the society of hunters.

Sunday activities

Clay pigeon shoots, extreme shooting exhibitions, exhibitions with dogs, talk-discussion with companies that certify animal quality, demonstration talks with game dishes and meat tastings are the activities that will take place on the last day of the event.

On this day it sets in value the importance of game meat in the sector.

Organization of the conferences

As indicated on the poster, the 1st Hunting, Livestock and Artisan Products Days are convened by the Junta de Andalucía, the Andalusian Hunting Federation, the Calañas Town Hall, the Calañas Sports Society of Hunters and the Huelva Provincial Council.

As mentioned, the event has important interventions like that of the rabbit and deer professionals, Rafael Villafuertes and Juan Carranza.



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