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MTV chairman Hans-Michael Schulze belongs to the group of people who surprise the head of the judo department, Annika Hurnaus, with an honor.

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Elze – The judo department of MTV Elze is not only known far beyond the borders of the unified community for its sporting successes, but also for its great commitment off the mats. Even during the difficult Corona period, the dedicated team has worked hard to ensure that judoka of all ages continue to offer their favorite sport and that the community remains. A driving force behind the success story is Annika Hurnaus, and there was a special surprise for the head of department.

“Everyone kept their mouths shut,” Franziska Waldert said with satisfaction. The trainer and her colleagues made sure that Annika Hurnaus received a special thank you for her tireless commitment. And when she was in action with her young protégés during training on Monday evening, the primary school sports hall was filled with many guests. Of course she had already suspected that something special was going to happen, but she was completely surprised when Martin von den Benken entered the hall. He is the training manager of the Lower Saxony Judo Association (NJV). MTV chairman Hans-Michael Schulze and treasurer Christine Meier also attended. And of course they hadn’t come empty-handed. Franziska Waldert was satisfied that everyone “played along” and that the surprise was a success. On behalf of the judo department, she thanked Annika Hurnaus for her many years of commitment and presented her with a present.
Martin von der Benken followed suit. The NJV training manager praised the family atmosphere that prevails at MTV Elze. That was clearly felt tonight. And of course the director also makes a big contribution to this. She was also the reason why the NJV training manager made his way to Elze. He awarded her 3rd DAN. The head of department is thus honored by the NJV “in recognition of outstanding services to the development and dissemination of judo in Lower Saxony”. The certificate signed by President Egbert von Horn. Annika Hurnaus has helped advance the sport of judo through her tireless efforts, both in the association and in her club. Among other things, Martin von der Benken mentioned her years of work at the NJV camp and in the trainer training.
Hans-Michael Schulze also praised the dedicated work done in the department and was of course pleased that the manager received this special recognition. He also presented a gift together with Christine Meier. “I’m speechless,” said Annika Hurnaus, who knew nothing about this honor and was of course particularly happy about the 3rd DAN. “Actually, I wanted to do it with my husband. But now I’m done before him,” she said, looking at Christian Hurnaus, who was also able to keep this special honor secret from his wife… hey


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