He attacks his rival with a baseball bat in Juillan

“I was in too much pain, I felt terribly humiliated.” Rudy R, of Lanne is trying to explain to the court the reasons which led him to commit the terrible act of violence for which he is appearing this Thursday. On February 5, he waited for Quentin L., outside a restaurant in Juillan, before beating him with a baseball bat.

“The victim was very seriously injured. The medical examiner prescribed 45 days of total incapacity for work (ITT)”, recalls the president. Fracture of the eardrum, jaw, frontal hemorrhage… The Purpan de Toulouse neurology department, requested by the Tarbes hospital, advises long-term follow-up for Quentin, now suffering from mild deafness and of sight. Maybe for life.

Obsessive jealousy

“You told him that next time he would think before stealing other people’s wives, right?” In a whisper, Rudy nods in front of the court, and recounts the genesis of this jealousy that has become obsessive. “One evening before going to work, when I walked into the living room, my wife threw her phone on the floor. I understood that there was something wrong. So I took the phone and I looked inside.” He discovers there about ten messages exchanged with Quentin, a customer of the restaurant where she works. “Text messages of tenderness where it is above all a question of confidences from Madame about her couple which is not going well. And the pleasant feeling of a few kisses exchanged. Nothing more”, contextualizes Me Stéphanie Balespouey, counsel for the victim. But enough to trigger the fury of Rudy, who hastens to wake up the children to take them to witness their mother’s deception. His wife puts an end to his flirtation, which will not insist. Only Rudy ruminates, and seeks at all costs to know who this rival is. Two months later, he finds Quentin seated in a restaurant in Juillan and orders a beer at the counter until he is certain of his identity. Then he attacks Quentin in the parking lot, when he returns to his vehicle.

A law against adultery

“How does a man with no background come to this?” asks the deputy prosecutor. “Because it’s very hard to live with that. There is no law that allows you to file a complaint for adultery”, proclaims Rudy. “Adultery is not a crime. Fortunately, because our courts are already quite crowded”, continues the substitute, who requires 24 months in prison, half of which is accompanied by a probationary sentence for two years. “He admitted the facts and never shied away from justice. He lost control and regrets it,” defends Me Maëva Sampaio. If Rudy escapes prison, the court sentences him to 10 months of house arrest under an electronic bracelet, as well as various prohibitions and care obligations.



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