From football to the Paralympics, Russia is not there and is fighting back

The Russia it doesn’t fit. War in Ukraine is also falling on sports athletes and now the national team of Bears has been excluded from the World in Qatar. The Russian Football Association has announced that it will appeal to the Sports Arbitration Tribunal (TAS) through a long note.

Russia, the note against FIFA and Uefa

This is the press release from Russia: In a single lawsuit against two organizations, the RFU will demand the restoration of all Russian men’s and women’s national teams in all types of football tournaments in which they have taken part, as well as compensation for damages, if any. In order to ensure the possibility of the participation of Russian teams in the next scheduled matches, the RFU will insist on an accelerated procedure for the examination of the case. If the FIFA and the UEFA reject this procedure, a requirement will be presented for the introduction of interim measures in the form of suspension of the decisions of FIFA and UEFA, as well as the competitions in which the Russian teams should have participated.

The RFU believes that the FIFA and the UEFA did not have a legal basis when they decided to remove the Russian teams. They violated RFU’s fundamental rights as a member of FIFA and UEFA, including the right to participate in competitions. Furthermore, the decision to exclude the national team from the qualification ai World Cup of 2022 was taken under the pressure of direct rivals in the playoffs, who violated the principle of sport and the rules of fair play. The Russian Football Association also did not have the right to express its position, which violates the fundamental right of defense. Furthermore, in making decisions, FIFA and UEFA have not taken into account other possible options for action, with the exception of the complete exclusion of Russia. Other details on the presentation of the appeal, including the timing of the examination of the complaint, will be announced later ”, concludes the statement.

Paralympics, outraged Russia

Not only the world of football, the Russian Paralympic world was strongly outraged by the exclusion from the Games decreed by the International Paralympic Committee: “The Russian Paralympic Committee believes that the decision of the International Paralympic Committee of 3 March is completely unfounded, as it obviously contradicts one of the fundamental principles of the Paralympic family: the apolitical nature of sport for the disabled.

With this decision the culprits of the current political conflicts seem to be the PRC and the Russian Paralympic athletes, when, not only was nothing done that could in any way be interpreted as a participation in the current political complications, but, on the contrary, in full compliance with the decision of the Arbitral Tribunal for Sports (CASE), all figures who might have or have had any connection with political structures have been removed from the RPC board of directors “.

The response of the CPI, will Fifa and Uefa respond?

As for the International Paralympic Committee, the president Luca Pancalli he declared that he had no alternatives: “It was the only way to save the Games”. Instead, a response from FIFA and Uefa is now awaited, when the play-offs are just a few days away for the World of football in Qatar.

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