Ferran Torres joins the Camp Nou (4-0)

BarcelonaThe Camp Nou smiles again. And to sing. And to dance. And to celebrate the goals he missed on Thursday against Galatasaray. With the lesson learned, Barça came out to bite against Osasuna from the first minute. The result: in half an hour the team was already beating a weak Navarrese team, which at no time made the feeling that it could tickle Xavi’s team. Yesterday’s game was a party. Especially for Ferran Torres, author of a double. Also for Dembélé, who is seeing fewer and fewer whistles dedicated to him at the stadium. The French winger started for the first time at home since Xavi pardoned him. Even Riqui Puig had minutes and saw goal. The mood of this team is entrusted. Round night at the Camp Nou with the entire squad of the women’s team, brand new league champions, watching the match from the stands.

The match started with a precise change of game from Piqué, as if it were a review class for Araujo. Xavi preferred to give the Uruguayan center a break yesterday, half to entrust the ball to the good touch of Eric and Piqué in front of a defensive Osasuna, half to protect him: he is only one yellow card away from being sanctioned and the next match is against Real Madrid. There is also Martorell’s defender, who ended up not seeing any cards and the coach will also be able to count on him at the Bernabéu. Who also started especially plugged was Ferran Torres, exchanging positions with Aubameyang, who returned to eleven after being a substitute against Galatasaray.

In the first minutes, Barça turned their attack game on the left side, but Dembélé was the first to score. The Frenchman would live one night less, because he had a decaffeinated start to the game, losing balls. On the other hand, Sergio Busquets was the one who did not lose a single one. His shot came in from the right hand side but Gavi managed to save it with an unbelievable reaction stop. Ferran Torres was uncomfortable with the soggy pitch as he couldn’t move the ball around with his usual grace. The Foios striker celebrated the goal with rage and the first to reach it was captain Busquets, one of the players who has been most involved in Ferran’s adaptation to Barça.

Gavi had lost the match against Galatasaray due to a penalty and with the Badia midfielder, who had been a substitute against the Turks, he was in charge of making the penalty kick and remembering that Xavi’s Barça has gunpowder: the tie without goals against Domènec Torrent’s team was just an accident. In less than 15 minutes, Barça already beat Osasuna and had fun again at the Camp Nou. With the first goal, Ferran’s party had just begun. In the first driving with Dembélé’s criteria, the Frenchman broke inwards and leaked a precise, almost musical pass, which the Valencian picked up after a great clearance and defined correctly. Ferran, the most expensive signing of the Xavi era, was having his first big party at the Camp Nou.

If the Valencian got rid of all the misfortune he had had lately with the goal, Aubameyang also claimed his share of prominence and would be responsible for turning a great cross from Dembélé into Barça’s third goal in less than 30 minutes. Despite having started the game thick, the Frenchman soon became a headache for the weak Navarrese defense. Everything was flowing in the stadium, the ball slipped fast, demonized and with quality between the boots of the Barça players who not only felt superior to their rival, but also proved it with precise actions and who drew smiles and applause in the stands. In this context, Busquets shone with his own light.

Riqui Puig scores his first goal of the season

With homework done in the first half, Barça lowered the intensity a bit in the second half, although the offensive production continued to be rich against a knocked out Osasuna. If the Camp Nou was a party, a master of ceremonies like Piqué also claimed his time. The center ended up connecting a good shot to the back of the net, but the play was canceled out by a millimeter offside. Shortly afterwards he was replaced by Lenglet and Bonanova’s defender, with discomfort, had to put an ice pack on his thigh. Piqué was therefore unable to crown his 600th game as a Barça player with a goal. Who would live his little moment of glory would be Riqui Puig. With the game under control, Xavi gave him a few minutes that Matadepera would use to score his first goal of the season.



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