F-1 team “Haas” terminates contract with Russian pilot Mazepin – Motorsport – Car – TVNET

The US-based team has also suspended cooperation with the main sponsor, the Russian chemical company Uralkali.

The decision to suspend co-operation was taken in connection with Russia’s hostilities in Ukraine, which have been going on for more than a week.

The driver’s father, Dmitry Mazepin, who owns Uralchem, is one of the businessmen who was invited to a meeting in the Kremlin shortly after Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

“Together with the rest of the F-1 community, our team is shocked and hurt by the invasion of Ukraine. We wish a speedy and peaceful end to this conflict,” the statement said.

Mazepin spent one season in the Haas, but failed to score in the F-1 Championship.

It is not yet known which pilot will replace Mazepin and become a member of Mika Schumacher’s team at Haas.

The BBC reports that Haas will announce a replacement for Mazepin early next week.

The first stage of the 2022 F-1 season is scheduled for March 18-20 in Bahrain.



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