Espanyol licks wounds against Sánchez Flores’ Getafe (2-0)

BarcelonaGoals cure almost everything, in football. They needed a brave Spaniard who has licked his wounds signing the first victory in the League this 2022 against Getafe of Quique Sánchez Flores (2-0). A liberating victory, after seven setbacks, which puts Espanyol 10 points away from relegation. Vicente Moreno’s team took a breather, having heard some whistles before the start of the match. But the white-and-blue fans have sided with the team. “It simply came to our notice then. Let’s regain our pride “, the entertainment stand pointed out in a very explicit banner: they will continue to support Espanyol, but in return they ask him to compete as he did not do at La Ceràmica.

Getafe, a priori, did not seem the most affordable rival, but the locals, more pragmatic than brilliant, have done what they had to do: apply themselves in defensive tasks, put a lot of intensity into it after each loss and show themselves alive in time to attack. In the first half, the white-and-blues managed to score three goals despite completing only one shot between the three posts. In the first, in Djené’s own goal, Raúl de Tomás was offside. The second did go up on the scoreboard, a corner served by Vilhena that Cabrera headed home after winning the jump to Maksimovic. The center needed this goal, much questioned by his latest performances. Apart from the goal that opened the scoring against his previous team, the Uruguayan has completed a very solid game in defense.

Espanyol did not relax after the 1-0 and a few minutes later found the second in a great maneuver by Darder that Soria refused to the body of Cabaco, who could not move away and ended up sending the ball at the bottom of the net. This one has also gone up on the scoreboard. Making mistakes is also part of the game. A Darder is well aware that he has long since lost the fear of facing rivals and is encouraged to break lines with individual actions. This time Artà has been better accompanied by two wings, Vilhena and Yangel, who have added to the work without the ball good details to extend the possessions.

More fouls than good play

Getafe tried to shake the game in the second half, causing Espanyol to lose control of possession, but not the game. The constant interruptions – which is common in Madrid’s matches – have this time favored those of Vicente Moreno, who have not suffered at all to defend the score. Getafe, more pending fouls, have had no chances of danger. Good news for the white-and-blues, who have not needed to look for the third. The fans, for lack of a good game, settle for three points. Victory not very bright, but very celebrated by a team that is released. Espanyol, who have not left the goal at zero since November and have not won since December, needed to regain their defensive solvency and regain the feeling that, although they are not yet saved, they are at least alive.



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