Depth: Popovich climbed the hills for 26 years and slammed Fang Qiu

Original title: Depth: Popovich climbed the hills for 26 years

Popovich finally became the first in history. In 26 years, he wrote a good book, brewed a jar of good wine, and told a good story.

Sometimes when I mention this old man, there is even a joking illusion that pops up on the paper. To use the phrase that is popular all over the Internet, it is: You bad old man is very “bad”. Men are not bad and women don’t love it more often. The old man’s “bad” to the extreme makes everyone love the story, but it is considered warm in the world.

Some fans will indeed fall in love with basketball because of an old man like Popovich. He is like a documentary that seems to be straightforward but never perfunctory, using the most everyday lens language to describe basketball and life. He told the story in a complete and transparent way. He told that life is not as round as basketball, but he has quietly polished off the edge at every corner and returned it euphemistically, returning his heart to fate and keeping it to himself. During the decades of ups and downs, he made pictures of those who had a purpose, those who had nowhere to bear, those who were distressed, and those who kept coming and going, and then sent them one by one to everyone around him. Sometimes I feel that the old man has a temperament similar to the “Dongxie” Huang Yaoshi, who loves around the corners, blatantly protects the calf, jumps with his feet and flings his hair, and doesn’t swear with dignity. Clearly, entering and exiting like this in his sleeve is chasing the wind and the moon, scolding Fang Qiu. The old man is probably like the sentence of Gong Er before his revenge in “The Grand Master”: Maybe, I am the destiny. But whether you believe it or not, he walks thousands of miles with one step. Believers all over the world believe not in his tactics, but in his “dao” as a person. Part of basketball belongs to the high places, and part of it is in the world. , Bobo old man makes people believe that basketball and the world are worth it.

On the night of the victory over the Lakers, Popovich tied the first record in history. He did not mention the record at the press conference, and ended the conversation with the usual speeches of “defense”, “mistake” and “slack”. Vitch. The disciple Poeltl said convincingly: “Everyone understands him, and really doesn’t care about these records. Even Bobo didn’t mention this in the locker room after the game, so he probably won’t even win the next game. It will be mentioned, he is such a person.” In fact, he missed the playoff record for 22 consecutive years, and he did not care about it. Many people think that the end of the Spurs era began with the departure of GDP one by one. The Spurs are not the Spurs without the French handsome Argentine bald and the boring stone Buddha, but then you realize that maybe until one day the Spurs don’t have Popovich, they are not really the Spurs.

Popovich interprets life and basketball philosophy to the extreme, reducing complexity to one word: normality.

He regards all kinds of expressions as the norm, not because his joys and sorrows are not outstanding enough. Compared with various performances and shows in this era, he overexpresses himself and floods Internet celebrities, which is a surge of fake prosperity. When he pushed everyone around, the old man’s posture was like the picture depicted in Liu Zongyuan’s “Jiang Xue”: “The lone man in the boat is fishing for the cold river snow alone.” Popovich said: “I even kept They’re all waiting for fours and fives.” The Spurs have been one of the worst three-pointers in the past 20 years, the best team in mid-range shooting, but you hate it, and you will find the Spurs inadvertently. It is often the team with the top three or even the first three-point shooting percentage. Of course, less shooting is one aspect, but you have to be able to shoot. The Spurs’ 3-pointers over the years have all been treacherous cold arrows, not just guns. In Popovich’s eyes, the essence of basketball is fighting. Sitting on the sidelines, you can hear the sound of flesh colliding with flesh, and the 3-point shot is a cold arrow. , is a sneak attack dart, the old man is a real warrior, he doesn’t like to fall down without saying a word, and he hates basketball that is unclear and unrighteous at all, that’s why the Spurs are first named “brave and diligent”, probably so .

He spent more than 20 years, through the mapping of a team, to depict a “disorder in order” arena, that is, while accepting the normal life and the tricks of fate, try to do what you like. Anyone who has studied with Popovich should be proud and pleased with their Spurs label. The values ​​that Popovich has exported over the years are the most important parts of life: acceptance, confrontation and harmony. He has the shadow of “Cardinal” Auerbach on him, and while scolding Russell, the Lord of the Rings, hugs his disciples and revels all night. The old man made the word “teacher” clear and thorough, and he did not fall behind in preaching and dispelling confusion. Popovich’s “do and karma” is sometimes to unlock human nature and ego, Macklem once said of Popovich: “I am very grateful for everything he has done, not just on the court. He makes the world a better place.” Even a player who has only played with Popovich for a few games will change after leaving the Spurs. Popovich’s magic is released, not imprisoned. He is not only picking on your gains and losses on the court with a magnifying glass, but directly returning the city of your life and world. Too many people are rampant on the road of growth. The old man hopes that those who leave the Spurs can be safe and comfortable. It is a gift and a gift, instant enlightenment.

So all the “Spurs” who have followed Popovich thanked them and gave them applause. Danny Green went from an unemployed youth to a life-changing 3D demon star after actively dialing Bobo’s phone. Manu Ginobili became San Antonio’s freehand “Linghu Chong”, Kerr went to the Golden State to open up territory, and Duncan’s The only moment when the Stone Buddha was immovable was when the Hall of Fame thanked Popovich. After Duncan was selected by the Spurs, the old man came to visit. In the following 20 years, Popovich was the stone Buddha, and Duncan was his hand. The rosary that is the most difficult to give up, Duncan once again accurately described the image and charm of the old man’s life: “You are an outstanding person, thank you for teaching me to play basketball, you taught me far more than basketball, but also what happens in this world. things, your family and everything, you’re the best person I’ve ever met.”

Duncan is the only superstar that Bobo has trained in the true sense, from embryo to full bloom, the only one. What makes him awe-inspiring is not only to release the nature and ego of a potential star, to find the origin and original intention, but also the most important thing is that Popovich and the Spurs have “hidden dirt” in the past 20 years. The ability and the open-mindedness of all rivers-those who are disliked by the so-called mainstream, those who are not recognized, those who have been abandoned and abandoned, those who are second-round picks and those who are not in the mainstream are all shining brightly in the Spurs. In “True Colors of Heroes 2”, Dillon was released from prison and wanted to start over. He went to work in a car dealership with low self-esteem and fear. Zeng Jiang said that everyone here has been in prison before, so it’s no big deal, and he has to face his past bravely. Popovich not only gave many people a chance to start over, but also gave those people a world where they can see the sun. In the transition of life, you should cherish the opportunity and confidence that you can start again. This is the most radiant part of Popovich’s humanity. Therefore, the philosophy of the Spurs is that “the old must be arrogant and the young must be stable”. He uses the whip to wake up the young people. When they grow up and become independent, the old man will give them the “whip” earnestly – to live the life you want as you want. Well, don’t deceive yourself, it’s okay to indulge a little, after all, life is not easy and life is short.

Popovich is not a superstar. He is more protective and perverse than old Nelson. He brings those lost children to the right track and makes those who doubt their own life face up. Some teams are holding on to second-round picks and undrafted picks. The mentality of horses as living horses and treasures, such as the shrewd operation of the Rockets inertia and the slaughter of donkeys, but the Spurs are different, Popovich is a person who gives roses. Even though like Leonard, Popovich said “he’s not a real leader”, but he still added “thanks to his talent” and sent him to Toronto. A perfect team with a true leader, instead of being abandoned at will and left to fend for itself in a rebuilding place, no one should think that Leonard would have broken into a butterfly if he hadn’t met the Spurs, right? Including DeRozan, who is now a big hit in the Bulls, was almost destroyed by the Raptors a few years ago because of self-confidence problems. Now he has changed his face. He paid tribute to the Spurs: “Thank them for hugging me with open arms in the past three years.”

Yes, hug.

Popovich isn’t just embracing these kids, the players, the lost people, and eventually he’s also accepting the separation, the departure of Duncan Parker and Manu Ginobili, and we’re finally saying goodbye like no one can. Accompanying you to the end is the norm in life. But Popovich regards every wave of Spurs players as his own. In those stories of spring breeze, Popovich is the spring breeze. All the players who have played for the Spurs and the Spurs are like reunion after a long absence, family reunion, this kind of scene in the NBA’s 75-year history, only Popovich’s team has done it.

Not only the “Spurs”, Popovich has also become a touchstone for a strong team and a mantra to break through the bottleneck. Without him and the Spurs, how lonely O’Neal and Kobe would be, the start and end of the Lakers’ three consecutive championships, the Spurs He was the initiator. In the 1999 playoffs, Kobe shed tears after being swept by the Spurs, and he and O’Neal fought hard to have a later OK dynasty. It was the Spurs who ended the Lakers’ three consecutive championships. 0.4 seconds and 35 seconds and 13 points are in the Spurs. It’s no coincidence that Popovich appears on his body. Popovich will always force fate to give a playful and unreasonable blow, and he will step in when it is logical. When everyone complains in anger, maybe only the old man can say it with a smile. There is a saying “Life is impermanent, the large intestine wraps the small intestine”. Popo’s wife died a few years ago, which coincided with the Spurs’ 0-3 playoffs and the Warriors. Everyone sent blessings and depression, but the old man smiled and said to the Warriors fans, “Come on, Warriors.” Looking at Popovich over the years, he has only scolded him for trivial matters, but he is always calm and stoic in the face of right and wrong. The normality of life shows heavy in his eyes, and the corners of his mouth are self-deprecating and cute and helpless.

The 73-year-old Popovich is like a firing pin. It took him more than 20 years to let everyone see it. A bullet of faith rubs the fire, with warmth, how far and how long it can fly.

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