Congo- the Latest Addition to Africa’s Growing Betting Industry

Congo- the Latest Addition to Africa’s Growing Betting Industry

The fact that the online betting and eSports industries are expanding around the world comes as no surprise to anyone, but the rate at which the betting industry is expanding in Africa is worth discussing. 

Africa has emerged as one of the most important and appealing markets for the online betting industry in recent years. The gross gambling revenue in South Africa alone reached over 34 million Rands in 2021 but South Africa is not the only African country with a thriving betting industry.

In recent years, several countries, including Nigeria, Kenya, and Ghana, have developed into strong betting markets. The Republic of Congo, also known as Congo-Brazzaville, is the next in line and is now considered Africa’s fastest-growing gambling market.

One of the most significant factors holding back the growth of online betting in Congo was a poor internet connection. However, with the advent of 5G technology and improved internet access, the country is witnessing a surge in gambling popularity.

The State of Online Gambling in Congo-Brazzaville

Online gambling is legal in the Congo Republic by 1927’s decree organizing the lottery. COGELO, or Congo Lottery Management, regulates online gambling and betting in Congo. The firm is also known as Congolaise de Gestion de Loterie. COGELO is a limited company backed by the Ministry of Finance, Budget, and Public Portfolio. It operates to organize bets across the national territory.

Although there is no online gambling regulation for Congolese sports betting, it is legal. Also, the Congo regulations do not limit the citizens to bet only through local or national platforms. The citizens are open to placing bets through foreign sites if they accept users from Africa and the Congo.

Due to the seamless process of becoming a Congo-Brazzaville bookmaker and the increasing fondness of online betting among citizens, many new local players are emerging to offer eSports services. One such recent addition is  Developed For Congolese Betters

The potential of Congo’s gambling market has already resulted in local operators focusing on developing betting platforms designed to meet the needs of Congolese betters. is one of the most recent operators to obtain a local gambling license and is completely optimized for local customers. Local brands are not only perceived as a safer option by Congolese gamblers, but they also provide local customer support and cultural understanding, something foreign platforms can’t support. 

Regulated Gambling Products in Congo

There are currently several regulated gambling products available in Congo, with more expected to emerge in the coming years. Some of the gambling products currently regulated in the Congo Republic are listed below.

Sports Betting

Among the many regulated products, sports betting is the most popular, owing to the large number of Congolese football fans. Football betting in Congo is available on a wide range of markets, including the Premier League, the Bangladesh Championship League, and, of course, all African leagues. 

Despite the fact that Congo has traditionally been associated with football, Congo sports fans are increasingly turning to rugby betting. Although the country does not have its own rugby teams, the number of players and fans in overseas leagues is steadily increasing. The development of online gambling sites focusing on live streaming of rugby events from around the world has undoubtedly fueled this new trend.


Because there are only a few land-based casinos in Congo, there is a growing demand for online casinos. A casino typically houses around a hundred different gambling machines for table games and slots, making these establishments much smaller than those found in South Africa. You may be required to pay taxes on winnings ranging from 20% to 25%.


In Congo, bingo has been an entertainment game for the last century. As a game of chance it’s entirely legal and regulated and it’s estimated that there are over 4000 bingo venues.


The land-based lottery is entirely legal and regulated by COGELO, the lottery management firm in the country. Although online lotteries are not illegal, they are not regulated yet.

There are many such games of chance regulated in Congo by the firm backed by the Ministry of Finance, Budget, and Public Portfolio.

The Future of Gambling in the Congo Republic

Congo’s gambling landscape is just beginning to take shape. The betting and casino industry is rapidly expanding across Africa, with Congo tipped to be the next big market. As the popularity of online gambling grows, so will the number of bookmakers attempting to establish and maintain a foothold in the expanding market.We may also see a change in the regulatory framework in the near future. While land-based gambling and betting will continue to be popular, there will be an increase in online preference. Many of the 92 million people are under the age of 35, implying a sizable smartphone market. As a result, mobile-optimized online betting portals like will benefit, and more local brands will likely follow.


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