Chen Yansheng ignores the interest of an American group and will continue to lead Espanyol

Espanyol will not change hands in the coming months. This was determined by Chen Yansheng, who downplayed the interest shown by a group of US investors last November. As he has advanced La Grada Online and has been able to confirm the ARA, the Chinese leader will continue to lead the Spanish project considering the offer of this American group, which would have backed down in its intentions to acquire the club insufficient.

The proposal in question did not satisfy the owner of Rastar Group. In fact, the Chinese conglomerate already informed its shareholders a few days ago that it is not currently studying any firm offer to sell the club. As it is a publicly traded company, Rastar is obliged to inform shareholders of its intentions regarding such movements with a margin of advance of three months. The entity should also have informed the Superior Sports Council (CSD) if it intended to carry out any such operation in the coming months.

This, therefore, has ended up being the tenth proposal that Chen Yansheng receives on average to sell the club. Most do not end up going beyond the interest, but it is true that in this case from the club had provided documentation to the investment group on the financial situation of the entity. Espanyol has gained attractiveness for investors thanks to the financial contribution of the Chinese group, which has contributed nearly 200 million euros in six years, money that has helped to sanitize the entity.

Chen’s continuity ahead of next season clears one of the main doubts about the club’s future. In all his public appearances, the Chinese leader has always shown interest in continuing to push Espanyol towards new goals. It does not close the door, however, to minority investors who can help the club through future capital increases.

Now, Chen Yansheng and the club’s general manager, José María Durán Farré, will be in charge of deciding who will be the new sporting director. Rufete, whose contract expires on June 30, has been looking for a replacement for a few weeks.



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