Camilo Vargas had a noble gesture with Atlas’s wounded and surprised them in hospital

After the incidents that occurred last Saturday at the La Corregidora stadium between fans of Querétaro and Atlas, There have been several gestures of support received by the Mexican fans who were injured.

One of the most recent, and which is applauded by the world of football, was played by the Colombian goalkeeper Camilo Vargaswho visited the Civil Hospital of Guadalajara to greet some of those hospitalized and give them a message of encouragement.

And it is precisely one of the fans who received the hug from the Colombian He was in charge of sharing the moment on his social networks and immediately the image went viral. There the citizen can be seen with traces of blows on his face and lying on a stretcher.

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Now, with this new gesture, Vargas became one of the most applauded players by Liga MX fans who took the opportunity to highlight his big heart.

Here, the image replicated by the Mexican journalist Alberto Ávalos:

Camilo Vargas started during the game that his team won 1-0 with a goal from the Argentine Furch, but before the excesses, he witnessed the entire fight that took place in the stands of the Gallos Blancos field.

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The sanctions against Querétaro and Atlas

The Mexican Federation announced this Tuesday that Querétaro will play its home games behind closed doors for a year and must pay a fine of one and a half million Mexican pesos. [más de 70.000 dólares] for the acts of violence last Saturday during the match against the Atlas.

The assembly of club owners also decided to remove the affiliation to the Querétaro boardwho was given the game for losing to Atlas 0-3.

The president of the Mexican Football Federation, Yon de Luisa, led the meeting of the leaders of the league, which confirmed the ban on the Gallos bar for three years in his team’s stadium and one in away games.

The fans of the Atlas, league champion, also received punishment.

“The Atlas Animation Group is prevented from attending the games played by the Club, as a visitor, during the next six months, that is, from March 8 to September 8, 2022,” the Federation announced in a release.


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