Bizarrap joins NBA 2K22 in a collaboration that adds four new themes to the game

2K has announced a collaboration with the Argentine producer weird by which four of the themes of his popular sessions will reach NBA 2K22: “This collaboration represents the first major musical agreement of the acclaimed basketball game with a Spanish-speaking artist and, at the same time, Bizarrap’s first participation in a video game,” says the company in a statement published on its official website.

First three songs from BZRP Music Sessions have been integrated into the fifth season (Power Within) of NBA 2K22: those produced with Snow Tha Product (#39), Eladio Carrin (#40) and MORAD (#47). In the future there will be a fourth song that has not been revealed yet. From 2K they explain that it has been Bizarrap himself who has selected these songs: “The chosen songs are the ones I imagined listening to while playing NBA 2K22. There is a direct relationship between rap and basketballand many of the song lyrics name players and make many references to the sport.”

Bizarrap already has its own character in NBA 2K22

As you can see in the video available on these lines, as a result of this collaboration Bizarrap has also been scanned so you can have your own MyPLAYER in NBA 2K22: “I never would have imagined appearing in a game of NBA 2Kand I am proud that this opportunity has come about through my work. I have no words“, says the producer in the interview. At the end of this news you can see a gallery with images of the Bizarrap character in the game.

On Vandal We have played in depth NBA 2K22 to tell you in our analysis that “it polishes what was offered to us in NBA 2K21 at the playable level, with a much more successful shot and satisfactory as well as betting much more on defensive mechanics to try to offer us a title closer to the simulation, with less show during games and more posting, three-pointers, blocks or blocks what pleasing the purest basketball fans“.



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