Bera Bera: Imanol Álvarez: «Valladolid plays by heart and a thousand times an hour, so beating them is always complicated»

Imanol Álvarez, Super Amara Bera Bera coach / USOZ

Bera Bera begins its “long-distance race” for the title this Saturday with the obligation to achieve victory against Aula if it wants to stay at the top of the table

Inigo Villamia

After a week of hiatus due to international commitments, the Liga Guerreras Iberdrola is back. And it does so with several games that can mark a before and after at the top of the classification. First because this afternoon, starting at 7:30 p.m., Unicaja Banco Gijón and Rocasa Gran Canaria –second and third respectively- recover their pending commitment from matchday 11 and a victory for the Asturian team would place them just one point behind Super Amara Bera Bera.

And second because the women from San Sebastian have to visit the Classroom this Saturday, sixth, in a Huerta del Rey that they are not particularly good at. “Facing Valladolid is never easy, because they play by heart and at a thousand times an hour”, recognized Imanol Álvarez in the preview. “It is true that in defense they have lost some of their potential due to casualties, but in attack their players have very much internalized the game system”, he added. With the uncertainty of how the team will respond after a week without competing, the ermuarra insists that “we are fine” and believes that the key will be “not to lose your head. Despite making mistakes, we must not rush because that is what will give the Classroom options.

On stage, Álvarez says that «Huerta del Rey is a difficult track for everyone but especially for us. Rocasa lost there, Gijón won at the last minute…so we are all aware that we are going to suffer and that we have to do very well if we want to get something positive”. Asked about the rival’s game, the Bera Bera coach explains that “it is a block that, despite always changing players, maintains a very defined style of play. It is a fast team, which runs a lot and plays very short attacks. In addition, he says, “their centrals always make the right decisions and that will force us to be very attentive. They all move a lot without the ball, their wingers are very effective and from the pivot they also do a lot of damage. For this reason, Imanol doubts that “the match is going to break up soon. We will have to be plugged in for the sixty minutes because there will be good and bad moments, but they are all important to end up winning.

“The team is excited”

After the defeat in Malaga two days ago and the victory against Tenerife, Álvarez stresses that “now the most important moment of the season has arrived, the long-distance race begins.” And it is that in these ten days that remain Super Amara has to face all its direct rivals except Costa del Sol. «In the club we think that we will still fail one more day but we are clear that the rest of the teams will too. So we have to take each week as if it were a final because it is proven that this is the formula to win the titles », he explains. As for the squad, the one from Ermua points out that “Malena is still having problems but we think she will make it to the appointment and the rest is fine.”

On the other hand, regarding his experience in command of the ‘Guerreras’, Imanol classifies it as “very enriching. I have really enjoyed both the training and the commitments against a great team like Hungary and I have felt very supported and supported at all times. According to him, «I never thought I could train Bera Bera, nor the junior team, much less the senior team, and here I am. For me it is a real pleasure », he has concluded.


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