Wheelchair basketball: Aigles du Velay react against Lille

The Aigles du Velay received the LUC Lille Handibasket at the Palais des Sports on Saturday during the 14th day of the French National Championship at Bastide Médicale.

The Eagles will experience a complicated start to the match against a weak Lille team, which came to Le Puy without great ambition.

Captain Zidi’s teammates will, despite a solid defense, miss too many baskets under the circle (10 min, 13 to 8).

Players off the bench will boost a favorable dynamic, like Karlis Gabranovs (10 pts), and allow to widen the gap at the break (35/20).

When they return from the locker room, the Ponots will continue their pressing on Lille, and padlock the opponent shooters, like Aaron Patterson (8 pts). On the ponot side, 6 players end up with more than 10 points, like Mr. Braithwaite (15 pts).

At the start of the last quarter, the locals will win several balls, to counter a Lille team giving playing time to their bench.

Result, victory 74 to 38.

The Eagles remain second in the standings. Note in the shock of this day, the victory of the Hornets of Cannet on the ground of the Reds Dragon’s of Metz 85 to 63. The Cannetans become the serious favorites for the final victory. Next meeting, March 19 at 8 p.m., at the Palais des Sports, against Le Cannet. The challenge is simple: first place in the championship.



Quarter: 13-8, 22-12, 14-11, 25-7

Le Puy : Buso 2, Challat 2, Braithwaite 15, Skucas 10, Dahmani 13, Dorget, Zidi 12, Lindblom 10, Gabranovs 10

Ent : M.Abes

Little : Heimbach, Oulini 2, Bauche, Dudziak, Adiassa 4, Brito Da Silva 1, Patterson 8, Hermosilla 6, Arnaut 17

Coach: Mr. Oulini



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