Villefranche-de-Rouergue: the judo teacher who lifts dumbbells

Professor for several seasons within Judo Villefranche, Vincent Latière launched last September in the preparation of a BPJEPS (Professional certificate of youth, popular education and sport) activities of the form, option weightlifting.

And at the end of January, he validated the formation of this state diploma and this, in a brilliant way. Indeed, the jury awarded him its congratulations, with glowing comments, underlining the level of quality of the student.

Holder of the BPJEPS judo jujitsu

“The thesis is perfect, the work is exceptional. The reflection is there, the series of exercises are not randomly asked. A big congratulations, it is a pleasure to accompany trainees like you towards the profession where you will succeed “writes the president of the jury.

After this success, Vincent Latière, who already held the BPJEPS judo jujitsu, created his coaching site where you can contact him. Vincent Latière also works for the Fitness 12 space, the gym located in the Carrefour store. And of course, he teaches judo (as well as taïso) to Villefranche judo graduates.



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