The Avilesians raise the level in the child and cadet ranking

Representation of Óscar Fernández in the tournament. / O. F.


Around thirty podium positions between Avilés, Óscar Fernández and Sanfer in the regional tournament

Avilesian judo clubs garnered 29 medals in the regional ranking held in Tudela de Agüeria in the under-15 children’s and under-18 cadet categories.

Judo Avilés took a dozen medals. Seven went to the cadets, with a gold for Iván González (-73 kilos), five silvers for Javi Simancas (-50), Alejandra Pérez (-63), Raquel Burgos (-52) and Illán Gutiérrez (-60) and a bronze, Álvaro Simancas (-50). The children took five metals, four gold for Lucas Pérez (-55), Nel Suárez (-60), Marco Menéndez (-42) and Saúl Merino (-46). Daniel Pizarro’s silver (-55) completed the booty.

The Óscar Fernández club took nine medals. Three in cadets, gold from Atenea Muñiz (+70). Irene Carreño (-57) and Gabriel Solís (-73) made bronze. In children half a dozen, with golds by Iris Muñiz (-57) and Sergio Bermúdez (-60), silver by Enol Gallego (-60) and bronzes by Leire González (-44), Marcos Pérez (-42) and Guillermo Camuña ( -55).

The review closes with the eight Judo Sanfer medals. Four of them for the cadets, with silver for Antonio Gamba (-55) and bronzes for Daniel Saavedra (-66), Ángela Fernández (-52) and Álvaro Gamba (-60). And another four for children, with gold for Alba Sánchez (-48), silver for Sara Zapatero (-48) and Paula López (-63) and bronze for Martín Quiroga (+66).



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