Talentiade in Grefrath aims to promote young athletes

Talentiade in Grefrath
Talent development for elementary school students

The talentiade of the district sports association Viersen can take place this year with strict conditions. Third and fourth graders are introduced to various sports in the Grefrather Eisstadion and the nearby sports halls.

Despite the sunny weather and Corona, the “Talentiade 2022” organized by the district sports association Viersen (KSB Viersen) took place at the weekend. Under the motto “You are the talent, this is YOUR day!”, third and fourth graders with motor skills from the Viersen district had the chance to try out various new sports in the presence of performance-oriented trainers and spread over three sports facilities.

This year’s selections were decided online and included speed skating, handball, gymnastics, judo, football, hockey and tennis. The Talentiade was only launched in 2019 by KSB Viersen to promote exercise, sports and talent, but was then slowed down by Corona in 2020.

Angelika Feller, chairwoman of KSB Viersen, and Marion Bauer, KSB Viersen consultant and organizer, were all the happier that the Talentiade 2022 can take place again, albeit under strict conditions. For example, only about 70 children were involved in the event instead of the 130 to 140 children of previous years, also because of many cancellations. In addition, due to the corona, the children could only choose one sport that they wanted to try on the day. Nevertheless, this event is very important for the children, emphasizes Bauer. “Sport is so important for the development of children. The purpose of this event is to give athletically talented children the opportunity to train with performance-oriented coaches and to inspire them for new sports in the area,” she says with conviction. “Especially now that there is so little on offer anyway, every event is particularly important.” Bauer also praises the involvement of the local sports clubs, who provide offers, programs and trainers for the Talentiade. “We mediate, but without the clubs this would not be possible here.” And this eager participation is clearly visible.

  Backhand, forehand: tennis was also on the program in the Burgweg gymnasium.

Backhand, forehand: tennis was also on the program in the Burgweg gymnasium.
Photo: Norbert Prümen

We set up diligently early in the morning so that we can start punctually at 10.30 a.m. The Handballkreis-Krefeld-Grenzland starts in the Bruckhauser Straße sports hall with the basics of handball, in the Burgweg sports hall hockey and tennis are on the program at the same time, while in the Grefrather ice stadium the Grefrath speed skating club teaches the children ice skating through cones, goals, and brings the reversing closer. Nine-year-old Jakob is also there with great enthusiasm. He had decided in advance to ice skate. “I like ice skating and did it before the autumn holidays,” he reports. He really likes the Talentiade. “The coolest thing about ice skating was the parkour and the reverse. I couldn’t do that before.”

After a short break, the program continues at 12.30 p.m. with flexibility and body tension training in gymnastics with the TV Vorst 1878 and falling school, throws and floor techniques with the Judo Club 1963 Kempen – both in the Bruckhauser Straße sports hall. At the same time, SV Blau-Weiss Concordia Viersen conducts the American Football introductory training course, complete with throwing, catching and real moves. Nine-year-old Jonas is thrilled. He likes to do sports in his free time, especially handball. He is also very impressed by the Talentiade. What does he like best about American football? “Tackling”, i.e. stopping and knocking over opposing players, is the clear answer.

In the end, you can see one thing above all at all three sports facilities, in all sports: Happy faces and children who are openly trying out new sporting activities. Farmer is happy. “Despite all the obstacles, we were able to offer the children a nice and varied program,” she says happily. One can only hope that the next Talentiade can take place again under better conditions.



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