Summary and Chronicle América de Cali vs Once Caldas Liga BetPlay 2022 | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

América recovered the winning memory, but had to fight and fight against a difficult Once Caldas, who came to the Pascual Guerrero field as the only unbeaten player. First half of many doubts, to turn it around in the second. Osorio played the team and brought in Quintana, who left with a double, with a stellar performance by Adrián Ramos. Triumph 2 to 0.

Offensive schemes on both sides. The factor of the wet field and with holes, in some places, compromised the development of the game. Both América and Once Caldas bet on speed from the start.

Diego Corredor’s men got rid of that start of the game in America, managing to generate the first actions. Valdés, García and Barbaro tested Novoa’s resistance, who responded by controlling balls that could be complicated by the state of the pitch.

The Caldense team tried to overtake Murillo and Giraldo, to also condition the projection of the lanes, who were Moreno and Mosquera.
Little by little, América managed to regain control of the ball, being incisive down the flank. The most dangerous move was a cross from the left, Torijano almost sent it into his own door.

The complications for the locals came with the injury of Luis Sánchez, who left the field with signs of alarm, since he recently returned from a knee injury, giving way to Portilla. When America took control of the ball, Once Caldas was closed and did not give any space.

Given that, the scarlet tried to finish off from medium distance, but the density in that area only allowed them to be approaches, without much danger. For the second half, América came out without Iago Falque, who showed interesting things, from the intention of generating play and opening the field, along with Brayan Medina. Giving way to Quintana and Micolta.

The key to the goal was found by América, at minute 56. From the goal, Novoa cleared and a rebound in the rival field was left to Larry Angulo, who enabled Adrian Ramos, the latter, serving as Alejandro Quintana’s assistant, before the regular exit of Ortiz.

Juan Carlos Osorio would have his night, because the changes would have their effect on the court. Adrian Ramos served as an assistant again, putting a great ball to Alejandro Quintana, on the edge of the area, taking an excellent shot, first intention. If Diego Novoa was sure, he ratified it at the end. Action by Juan David Pérez, finishing off facing the goal, so that the Bogota native guessed the trajectory and took out a complicated ball

The victory not only ends the streak of five games for America without winning, the undefeated Once Caldas, leaves the Scarlets in the eighth box, with 12 units in the nine days, while the Manizales remain with 15 points in the fourth position . The next day will be classics. America will go against Cali and Once Caldas against Pereira.


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