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The match at Campín had ups and downs for Santa Fe. Despite managing the threads of the match and generating better options, Deportivo Pereira ended up winning the score. In the end, 1-2, leaving Alexis Masquez’s men with 7 points in the table.

From very early, at 8 minutes, Santa Fe searched for him in many ways. Pass to the bottom of Matías Mier for Wilson Morelo, and the ball that seemed good, was long. Five minutes later, the locals squandered a good chance after a cross from Harold Gómez, which Morelo could not control inside the area.

Deportivo Pereira also began to try. At 18′, Jherson Mosquera put in a cross that could have done a lot of damage, but Harold Gómez appeared to take it out with a corner kick.

Santa Fe gained confidence and began to step more insistently on the premises of Harlen Castillo, who found good support in his defense.
In a double play, Mier tested the goalkeeper’s reflexes with shots from outside the box.
At 38′, and as a result of pressure at the start, Edwin Herrera recovered, eluded a rival and tested his mid-range, but the ball went wide of the angle of Castillo’s left hand.

The team from Mateca, who had not risked Leandro Castellanos again, tested his reflexes at 39′, with a shot from the middle distance. A minute later, Leandro himself intervened in a clear scoring action. He went out to cut in an impeccable hand in hand with León. The fans cheered him on with applause although he seemed to come out badly after a blow to the knee.

Almost towards the end of the first half, Fernando Coniglio had his chance after a pass from Mier. He sent the ball over the crossbar. And as the one who doesn’t do them sees them do it, the prize came for the one who most insisted on the visit. Corner charge by Henry Rojas and Brayan León appeared to hit a header, making it 0-1 before the end of the first half. Baldado of cold water for those of Martín Cardetti.

In the complement, Castellanos was replaced by José Silva. And just as the first half began, the initiative was local, through Mier. The Uruguayan tried as he could. In one, at 55 ‘, he demanded Castillo in a corner that was closing. The goalkeeper crashed with the vertical.

About minute 64, and after the intervention of the VAR by a hand of Dany Cano, the referee of the commitment sanctioned a penalty. Mier was in charge of putting the 1-1.

Ten minutes passed after the equalizer for Pereira to remember to look for the rival goal. Zapatazo de Rojas that went through the side of Silva’s right post.

And again, as in the first half, when Santa Fe tried the most, the visiting goal came. The 80th minute passed when José Adolfo Valencia, who had been on the field for a minute, sent her to the bottom of the strings. Assistance from José Sinisterra, who had also just joined. Wow, the changes had an effect on Márquez!



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