See summary and chronicle Millonarios vs Cortuluá Liga BetPlay 2022 date 9 | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

Things for Millonarios, in what is the League, are going perfectly. A large part of the regular payroll is already in Brazil. The substitution and some stayed in Bogotá to face the duel against Cortuluá, who stood up and made Millonarios suffer.

Two punctual plays were fundamental for the three points and the leadership to be blue, in the victory by the minimum difference against Cortuluá.

Millonarios looked uncomfortable at the start of the game, highlighting the players who are not with the desired rhythm, in addition to the mistakes in the passes. Little by little, the blues took possession of the ball. The few approaches by Cortuluá did not represent a greater danger, due to the security shown by Cuenú and Vargas, as central defenders.

Marked style, of having the ball and looking for spaces. Celis tried with a shot placed in the first minutes, but it went wide. Given this, Gamero decided to change wings to the Venezuelan and to Guerra, to try to have greater clarity and danger in the face of the goal from Tulum.

It was not until minute 38, that the first play of real danger arrived. Center from the right from Elvis Perlaza to Jader Valencia, placed in the lead, change of trajectory and the ball ended up hitting the crossbar. Following this, a combination of the two Venezuelans on the field, Celis enabled Sosa, a move similar to the one for the goal against Fluminense, a shot that Ernesto Hernández took.

At the end of the first half, Juan Pablo Vargas managed to change the trajectory of a ball, which barely touched the post. Gamero changed the landscape for the second half, giving entry to Yuber Quiñones and Andrés Gómez.

At minute 49 of the game, the imbalance came on the court. Juan Carlos Pereira would get the best of his repertoire in a corner kick. Bounce to the clouds and the steering wheel took it from first intention, to score the first in El Campín. The entry of Andrés Gómez, despite not being so elementary, meant a change of chip in the blues, going toe-to-toe, with a player with his characteristics. Something different that little Celis and Guerra tried in the first half

Things seemed to get complicated for the blues, as Elvis Perlaza knocked down Luis Carlos Ruiz in the area. He himself was in charge of collecting it, but Álvaro Montero stopped the collection. From then on, the Blues were strategic, taking into account that Cortuluá began to advance the lines, trying to find a tie.

Millonarios managed to keep the zero in their goal, holding out until the end, despite the good attempts of the visit, which apart from the penalty, generated several options that left the fans in El Campín with a sigh. The victory, by the minimum, left Gamero’s men with 20 units, ending Saturday as the absolute leader of the championship.



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