San Salvador and Mixquiahuala are crowned in state basketball U15

The quintets of San Salvador, in the women’s branch, and Mixquiahuala, in the men’s branch, they stayed with the title of state champions in the U15 categorythis after prevailing over their respective rivals in the development of the U15 State Basketball Championship convened by the Mexican Basketball Sports Association (Ademeba) of Hidalgo.

This fair, reported the president of the sports organization, Fernando Pérez Serrano, It was based in the stave of the municipality of Acatlán, as well as in the facilities of the High Performance Center of Mineral de la Reforma. last weekend.

For the women’s branch, it was the quintet from San Salvador who hung the crown of the State Championship, this by beating his similar from Mixquiahuala by a final score of 40-26 in his last commitment; while the third place went to the Cardonal squad, who beat Pachuca by a score of 33-21.

The distinction as Most Valuable Player (MVP) went to Adriana Vazquez Acostawhile the award as Champion Shooter of the burst sport fair was given to Silvana Ortiz Flores from Mixquiahuala.

Meanwhile, the crown of the men’s branch went to the quintet of Mixquiahualawho beat the Ixmiquilpan team by final score of 55-25; Third place in the State Championship went to Pachuca de Soto, a squad that won by a score of 38-24 over its similar team from Zimapán.

The Most Valuable Players of the basketball contest were: Jared Santiago Calvo Cruz from the champion municipality (Mixquiahuala); while the Champion Shooter was Miguel Ángel Álvarez Barrera, also a member of the champion quintet. Pérez Serrano thanked the support and backing of the Municipal Ademebas of Mineral de la Reforma and Acatlán, to guarantee the development of this competition.

Search 22 quintets will look for the U16 category scepter

Likewise, the president of the state Ademeba informed of the development of the State Basketball Championship in the U16 categorywhich will take place in the municipality of Tulancingo de Bravo on February 12 and 13, in which 22 quintets will seek to win the tournament crown, 10 of them in the women’s branch and 12 more in the men’s branch.

The municipalities that will participate in this burst sport fair, explained Fernando Pérez, are: Pachuca, Mixquiahuala, Jacala, Cardonal, Ixmiquilpan, Francisco I. Madero, Atotonilco El Grande, San Salvador, Tulancingo and Tula, in the women’s branch; while in the male branch they are: Tasquillo, Zacualtipán, Cardonal, Mixquiahuala, Francisco I. Madero, Atotonilco El Grande, Tulancingo, Ixmiquilpan, Pachuca, Actopan, Tula and Zimapán.



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