Russian Andrey Rublev and Ukrainian Denys Molchanov win in doubles

Successful tennis doubles

Russians and Ukrainians work together

Andrey Rublev and Denys Molchanov won the doubles tournament in Marseille. But their nationalities make more headlines than their sporting success.

Andrey Rublew (24, ATP 7) has had some successful days in Marseille. First he wins the singles final of the Open 13 Provence, only to follow suit a few hours later with the doubles title. But it’s not just his success that’s a talking point. It is much more the nationalities of Rublev and those of his partner Denys Moltschanow (34th ATP 77) that provide topics of conversation.

Rublev is Russian and Molchanov is Ukrainian. In view of the current political situation between the two countries, this is an explosive constellation. They don’t want to send a political signal with their victory, but they do so unintentionally, and what a signal! Rublev: «We are normal people and not politicians. We are athletes. And sport brings people together, even if everyone is cheering for their own team or player. It’s that simple. Peace be with you.”



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