Persikota Tangerang Answers Racist Accusations Behind Stadium Chaos


The Persikota Tangerang match against Belitong FC in the Liga 3 match at the Benteng Reborn Stadium, Tangerang City, was colored by the issue of racism. The coach and players of Belitong FC from Papua are victims of this racism.

The alleged racist shout from Persikota Tangerang then sparked a riot after the match. The glass door to the changing room at the Benteng Reborn Tangerang Stadium was broken in the incident.

Cheered Monkey Mimicking Sound

Belitong FC uploaded a video recording the sound imitating the monkey’s voice via the Instagram account @belitong.fc. The scream imitating the sound of a monkey occurred when a player from Belitong FC was shaking the ball.

“Did you hear a sound resembling the sound of a monkey in the video above? Yes, the sound was heard repeatedly for most of yesterday’s match. Hopefully this incident will not repeat itself in the future, for the sake of the progress of Indonesian football . #saynotoracism #IndonesiaSATU,” the video caption reads. uploaded to the Belitong FC account, viewed Friday (25/2/2022).

Belitong FC coach regrets racism

Belitong FC coach Ardiles Rumbiak regrets the racism that he and his player Rivaldo Wally alias Valdo received during their match against Persikota at the Benteng Stadium, Tangerang City, last Wednesday (23/2). Ardilea said Persikota Tangerang called them ‘monkeys’.

“Me and Valdo, we are both Papuans. I am very disappointed today with Persikota Tangerang supporters and Persikota players. They say we are monkeys, they say we–(cheering)–with voices that sound like monkeys, surely everyone knows Yes, I think it’s all an act of racism,” Ardiles said in his statement to reporters, Friday (25/2/2022).

Ardiles firmly asked that racism be stopped, especially in the world of football. For that, Ardiles said his party would complain about this to PSSI.

“Please stop racism in the world of Indonesian football, please stop. From Sabang to Merauke, we are both Indonesians. I will definitely make (the report), on behalf of myself, because this concerns the dignity of us Papuans,” he said.

Persikota Tangerang denied, see more on the next page.



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