Nick Kyrgios’s hell: self-harm, suicidal thoughts, drugs…

El 2022 sonre al ‘bad boy‘ par excellence of tennis. Nick Kyrgios has started the new course with renewed strength and the results come out on the circuit. At the Grand Slam of his home, the Australian Openfell after a great match against the finalist Daniil Medvedev in the singles draw, while lifting his first major doubles crown. next to his ‘Soul friend‘Thanasi Kokkinakis (other’bad boy‘), before his audience and having fun. A 2022 that serves to forget dark times that seem to disappear.

Because everyone knows what Kyrgios is like. Extravagant, both inside the party and outside. Different and, on many occasions, more daring than it should be. What is not known are the actual reflections of him. Weeks after arguably the best week of his professional career has opened in Instagramwith a message that is far from being positive and that shows his human side.

“This is me three years ago at the Australian Open. Everyone should assume I was mentally fine, enjoying my life… It was one of my darkest periods. If you look at my right arm you will see how I had self-harm“, begins to relate the Australian.

I was having suicidal thoughts and was literally struggling to get out of bed and play for millions of people. He was lonely, depressed, negative, abusing alcohol and drugs that took me away from family and friends. I couldn’t talk to anyone or trust anyone,” he adds.

Nick Kyrgios’ 2019

The worst time of Kyrgios It coincided, for example, with games that will be remembered for a long time. Like a duel before Rafael Nadal at Wimbledon. There he lost after three hours of titanic fight and it was a revenge after that episode in which the Balearic fell to the Australian in Acapulco. A match in which Nick kept complaining to the chair umpire, or giving up his different moves, like the ladle kick.

The advice to get out of the darkest alley

After recounting everything that happened, Kyrgios also tells how to act when things like this happen. “It happened to me for not opening up and not letting myself be helped by my loved ones who wanted me to be positive. I know that life can be exhausting, impossible… I understand that opening up makes you weak or afraid of it. But it’s okay, you’re not alone,” she says.

“Don’t feel alone. You can talk to anyone. I am here, at your fingertips. I am proud to have healed and have a different way of living. I want you to be able to reach your potential and smile.” Life is wonderful,” says Kyrgios.

Thus, Nick Kyrgios changes his tone of usual statements. ‘The Terrible Child‘ recounting everything I experienced with extreme crudeness. Self-harm, suicide, alcohol and drugs… A terrible cocktail for anyone. But it also underscores a key message: how help and loved ones play a vital role. Nick Kyrgios may be anything, but the bravery in that Instagram post is highly commendable.



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