Mr. Ichiro Abe on the 10th dan of the Kodokan dies.

Mr. Ichiro Abe (left) who died on February 27 = Kodokan (provided by Kodokan)

The Kodokan, the head temple of judo, announced on the 28th that Ichiro Abe, who was recognized as the highest 10th dan, died at 0:10 am on the 27th at the Long-Term Care Health Facility in Tokyo due to senility. He was 99 years old. His wake-up and farewell ceremony will be held at his family funeral, and a farewell party will be held at the Kodokan in Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo from noon on March 26th. Yoshimi Osawa (95) was the only 10th dan in his life.

Originally from Akita Prefecture, Mr. Abe went from Gunma Maebashi Naka (currently Maebashi High School) to Tokyo Higher Normal School (currently Tsukuba University), and after working as a teacher and police officer, worked for a long time to popularize judo under the guidance of France and Belgium. After returning to Japan, he served as the director of the International Department of the Kodokan, as well as a director and chairman of the International Committee of the All Japan Judo Federation.



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