MLB: Logan Webb, the last pitcher to hit a home run (VIDEO)

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As soon as it became known that the Major League owners approved The Universal Designated Hitter Rule, which means that now the rule 6.8 of the “BD” also applies for the National League, An endless number of moments starring the pitchers when they went to bat come to an end, and one of them is that the home runs hit by the pitchers are over.

The list of pitchers with home runs is extremely long, but the moment that will go down in history is the last pitcher to hit the wall before the entrance of the universal designated hitter … and that honor belongs to Logan Webb of the San Francisco Giants.

It was on October 4, 2021 (last day of the 2021 Season), when the starter He took the mound of the shots to face the San Diego Padres without knowing that day would be marked in his career.

His work that day was seven complete innings standing out on the hill, but he also connected his first career home run for San Francisco closed the season with a flourish with a score of 11-4 over San Diego.

That home run marked a before and after both in Webb’s career and in baseball history, as it is now the Last pitcher to hit a home run.

Starting in the 2022 season, pitchers will be focused solely on doing their job on the mound and it will be a power and experienced hitter who will take their place in the lineup at bat as we normally see with pitchers. in the American League … and perhaps in exceptionally rare situations you will see another pitcher step up in the batter’s box … and even more extraordinary will he hit a home run in that at-bat. Seventh Inning


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