LIVE: Can the troubled Beerschot win against KV Kortrijk? † Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 10′ – Goal – Marlos Moreno (0 – 1)

Beerschot put his trainer on the street last week, had to close his main stand and saw six players drop out with covid. Under those circumstances, the road to victory seems to be open for Kortrijk. Or can the red lantern still surprise?

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  1. Goal during the first half, minute 10 by Marlos Moreno of KV Kortrijk. 0, 1.
  2. first half, minute 9. Beerschot can advance a bit for the first time, but a shot on goal does not result. †
  3. first half, minute 7. Kortrijk has full possession of the ball in the opening phase. Beerschot must limit himself to defending. †
  4. first half, minute 6. Beerschot has not yet reached the half of Kortrijk. Jeroen van der Loop on Radio 1.
  5. first half, minute 4. Action by Mbayo. Mbayo creates the first chance after a quick one-two with Moreno. His shot disappears into a corner. †
  6. first half, minute 2. D’Haene shows off with his trademark, an excellent cross from the left wing. The Beerschot defense is disappearing. †
  7. first half, minute 1. Kick-off. We can get started! Ref Wesli De Cremer whistles the party in motion. †
  8. first half, minute 1 match started
  9. in advance, 9 p.m. 02. Please wait. We still have to wait for kick-off, one of the goal nets has to be repaired. †
  10. Three matches, three draws. Beerschot has already played against KV Kortrijk three times since the promotion to the highest class and also drew three times: 5-5, 0-0 and 1-1. The latter result is the most recent, in the first round of this season. Holzhauser then gave Beerschot the lead from the spot, Selemani equalized all the way at the end. † in advance, 8:35 p.m.
  11. in advance, 8:25 p.m. Beerschot. Six corona cases and a new head coach, that results in a completely different team. Holzhauser, Sanusi and Suzuki, among others, are missing due to a positive test. Dom, Pietermaat, Vaca, Sebaoui and Rigo join the team. †
  12. before, 8 p.m. 14. It’s now up to the players to show that fighting spirit that may have been missing. Greg Vanderidt (Beerschot coach).
  13. in advance, 8 p.m. 02. Kortrijk with Ilic and Vandendriessche. Karim Belhocine makes three substitutions after the home defeat against STVV. Ilic and Vandendriessche are back and are immediately back in the starting lineup, and Moreno also appears at the kick-off. †
  14. in advance, 7 p.m. 43. In advance. Beerschot fired trainer Torrente last week, was forced to close his main stand due to fire safety problems and, to make matters worse, saw six players drop out with covid. Under those circumstances, the road to victory seems to be open for Kortrijk. Or can the red lantern still surprise? Kick off at 9pm! †
  15. In advance, 7 p.m. 43
  16. Beerschot setup. Wouter Biebauw, Joren Dom, Stipe Radic, Jan Van den Bergh, Thibault de Smet, Ilias Sebaoui, Tom Pietermaat, Ramiro Vaca, Dante Rigo, Lawrence Shankland, Felipe Avenatti


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