LIVE: Can hard Union still make the difference against solid Eupen in the final phase? † Jupiler Pro League 2021/2022

  1. 44′ – Yellow – Stef Peeters
  1. 87 ‘- Verv. Lazare Amani door Koki Machida
  2. 86′ – Cont. Siebe Van der Heyden by Cameron Puertas
  3. 84′ – Cont. Teddy Allah by Leonardo Rocha
  4. 73′ – Cont. Smail Prevljak by Julien Ngoy
  5. 73 ‘ – Verv. Isaac Nuhu by Konan N’Dri
  6. 73′ – Verv. Alex Millán door Damien Marcq
  7. 65 ‘- Geel – Jordi Amat
  8. 64′ – Yellow – Gary Magnée

For the first time this season, Union is in action without the deadly striker duo Undav-Vanzeir. Vanzeir is serving his first of 5 suspension days and Undav is also on the penalty bench after his 5th yellow card. Can Eupen benefit from this? Follow the match here from 4.15 pm.

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  1. second half, minute 87. Substitution at Union, Koki Machida in, Lazare Amani out
  2. second half, minute 86. Substitution at Union, Cameron Puertas in, Siebe Van der Heyden out
  3. second half, minute 84. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Leonardo Rocha in, Teddy Alloh out
  4. second half, minute 84. Rocha can still complete the final phase at Eupen. Allah can follow the last minutes from the couch. †
  5. second half, minute 81. No penalty. Lazare forced another corner for Union with a great move. Van der Heyden then falls after a duel with Jeggo. Union wants a penalty, but ref De Cremer does not agree. †
  6. second half, minute 80. It turned out to be a false alarm, Magnée can continue. Meanwhile, time is running out for Union. †
  7. End of match Magnee. Magnée sits down, his match seems over. So again an interruption of the game, it all plays into the hands of the visitors. † second half, minute 79.
  8. second half, minute 75. The final quarter has started. Can Union still avert a loss of points or is Eupen on his way to a small stunt? †
  9. second half, minute 73. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Julien Ngoy in, Smail Prevljak out
  10. second half, minute 73. Substitution at KAS Eupen, Konan N’Dri in, Isaac Nuhu out
  11. second half, minute 73. Substitution at Union, Damien Marcq in, Alex Millán out
  12. second half, minute 72. Millan is sidelined at Union after a disappointing performance. Marcq is his replacement. At Eupen, Prevljak and Nuhu are replaced by N’Dri and Ngoy. †
  13. second half, minute 71. Big collision. Aiaiai, another solid collision. This time between Kandouss and Allah. Luckily there is no blood involved this time. The match is paused again. †
  14. second half, minute 69. Excellent action by Lambert. Another threat from Union. This time Nieuwkoop is the principal with an excellent pass, but Lambert’s intervention is also excellent. He can barely prevent a chance for Millan and Mitoma. †
  15. second half, minute 67. Riot. The dolls start dancing for a while after the corner for Union. Burgess says something to Nurudeen and he reacts as if stung by a wasp with a strong push. Referee De Cremer extinguishes the fire. †
  16. second half, minute 65. Nieuwkoop’s header is wrong. Suddenly a great opportunity for Union. Nieuwkoop can head on a fine cross from Lapoussin, but does not give the ball the right direction. The home team is left with a corner kick. †
  17. Yellow card for Jordi Amat of KAS Eupen during the second half, minute 65
  18. Yellow card for KAS Eupen’s Gary Magnée during the second half, minute 64
  19. second half, minute 63. Peeters cannot alarm Moris. Eupen can try again on a free kick. A job for Peeters, but he doesn’t do much with it. Moris can easily pluck his ball out of the air. †
  20. second half, minute 61. Defensively, Eupen doesn’t miss a beat, offensively it doesn’t mean anything to the visitors. Prevljak and Nuhu have undoubtedly played better matches. †


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