Khabib Nurmagomedov reveals why he’s ‘investigating’ Michael Jordan

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Big fan of football, Khabib Nurmagomedov recently poured out on basketball, and more precisely on Michael Jordan. Eager to meet His Airness, the Russian veteran revealed in what amazing field he considers him a source of inspiration!

The statement will not surprise anyone: the greatest athletes are inspired by their most illustrious peers, whatever their discipline. It is indeed not uncommon to see a star athlete reveal his adoration for another icon of a sport totally different from his own. This can particularly be verified in the world of MMA, where a certain Khabib Nurmagomedov has a good number of idols far from combat sports.

Former lightweight champion and true legend of the UFC, Khabib, for example, has great admiration for the big names in football, especially on the side of Manchester United. Fan of the Red Devils, he has a good friendship with Cristiano Ronaldo, and posed a few weeks ago with Paul Pogba. But these are not the only athletes he considers role models, as he recently revealed.

Khabib is interested in Michael Jordan and “The Last Dance”

When he appeared in the Full Send Podcast, Nurmagomedov confessed to dreaming of one day meeting Michael Jordan. A fantasy shared by many around the world, but for which The Eagle would be willing to give away some pretty crazy consideration. However, he would not take advantage of this interview with the legend of the Bulls to talk about his career or his mentality, but rather about… The Last Dance ! It is moreover and especially on this subject that he “investigates” on the GOAT lately.

Khabib : A month ago, I watched his documentary because I am currently working on mine, and it was really very interesting. My friend said to me, “You have to watch it. It is very impressive. »

With the goal of releasing his own documentary, Khabib remained glued to The Last Dance, production in which Michael Jordan logically collaborated, to learn from this huge cinematographic carton. This viewing also allowed him to discover more about the illustrious career of “His Airness”, especially since he admitted … not knowing too much about Jordan before that.

Khabib : Before that, I didn’t really know him. I just knew Michael Jordan as a great basketball player, and that was it. In Dagestan, we don’t really follow the NBA, so it was very impressive for me to watch that. And now I really want to meet this guy.

While waiting to find out if his invitation will be honored by the Bulls star, the Russian fighter will already be able to refine his skills on the court. According to his own admission, he would not be at all up to the task of possibly facing MJ in his chosen field!

Khabib : I play basketball, but not like Michael Jordan. It’s Dagestan basketball. We wrestle, we run everywhere, a bit of everything!

In addition to his respect for Michael Jordan, the basketball player, Khabib Nurmagomedov considers him an example to follow… for the making of his documentary, The Last Dance. The Daghestenais definitely does not stop taking the opposite view!


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