Kervignac. The tradition of bird shooting respected among archers

Usually organized around January 20, the date of San Sebastian, the patron saint of archers, the shooting of Roy des Archers de Kervignac took place on Tuesday evening at the sports complex. It is a festive moment, a custom to be respected. We shoot the bird and we share a friendly moment around a cake. We absolutely wanted to maintain all possible demonstrations while waiting for the right Covid protocols”, club officials say.

The King’s shooting is an event that dates back to the Middle Ages. It consists of hitting a dummy bird, placed in the heart of the straw target. The winner is the one who touches the bird first.

This year, Jérôme Avenec is Roy in the adults and Elouann Renaud kinglet in the under 18s.

On the occasion of International Women’s Rights Day on March 8, the FFTA (French Archery Federation) invites clubs and its licensees to discover and share their passion and allow more women to discover the archery. In this context, the Archers of Kervignac will organize two open days for women, young people and adults: Saturdays March 5 and 12, from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. The club’s licensees will be present to offer demonstrations and discovery sessions,” say the organizers.


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