Judo – belt test

The young judo fighters of the 1. SC Gröbenzell are not having an easy time due to the ongoing corona pandemic. Competitions and events are canceled in series. All the more gratifying that the club was able to hold a belt test. Six young judo fighters from Gröbenzell and three guests from Germering were able to take the exam for the next higher belt. Thanks to intensive preparation by their trainer Nick Cariss, they all showed excellent performance in the required throwing and ground techniques. The lucky Gröbenzell belt holders are: Linus Germayer with a brown belt, Simon Hager, Nina Wipiewski and Felix Stephan with a green belt, Oskar Latinovic and Annika Betz with an orange belt.

The judo department is always looking for reinforcements and young people. Anyone who would like to take part in a free trial session is welcome in the dojo in the Gröbenzell leisure center at Wildmossstraße 36. Our popular Beginner Courses
Find on fridays

from 16.40 to 17.50
instead of. 4-6 year olds can join the Mini-Judo
am Friday from 3:30 p.m. to 4:30 p.m
work out the watch. For teenagers, young people or adults who would like to get on or want to get on again, there are individual options – e.g. B. a Speedkurs
to the yellow and white belt
from 12 years Thursdays at 5:45 p.m
Clock. More information at

or from Margit Dippold on Tel. 0170-8581773 or 08142-448020, Mail: nfngrjd-grbnzlld



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