Jerome Boateng dropped from the squad at Olympique Lyon – Soccer

Memo for our world champion!

Jérome Boateng (33) has been dropped from the squad at Olympique Lyon. L’Équipe reports that coach Peter Bosz (58) did not consider him for today’s game (9 p.m.) against Nice.

Yes, Boateng hadn’t shown the most stable performances recently, and has his share in the fact that Lyon is still far behind the European places (currently only 11th place).

The temporary expulsion should not only have sporting reasons!

In the last few weeks, the ex-Bayern star is said to have clashed with several other players. Boateng is said to have even been violent towards Bruno Guimaraes (24), who has meanwhile switched to Newcastle in the Premier League. L’Équipe also refers to an unnamed source from the area who reports that Boateng is “nervous” and constantly “clashes with everyone”.

Peter Bosz, who had just found clear words about the move from Xherdan Shaqiri (30) to the USA (“He didn’t come to us in the best physical condition”), has now apparently temporarily pulled the ripcord.



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