Jaguares vs Deportes Tolima: summary, score, goals, positions on date 6 of Liga Betplay | Colombian Soccer | Betplay League

In Jaraguay, the match went back and forth at first, but as the minutes went by it became a monologue of the Sports Tolima. Hernán Torres’ team did not betray their style despite the many variants, and in the end, they achieved an important victory, in a difficult square. The ‘pijaos’ reached 15 points and consolidated themselves in the leadership of the standings in Liga Betplay I-2022.

Although Jaguares came out to press, that intention was wasted with the passing of the minutes. Deportes Tolima was intelligent and knew how to make a difference, not only on the scoreboard. And it is that they made it spicy after 5 minutes with a header from Michael Rangel, after assistance from Yohandry Orozco, and to the fortune of goalkeeper Pablo Mina, the ball skimmed the left corner. About 16′ came the feline’s response. Maicol Balanta tried it with a right foot from outside the area, but the ball was not enough to complicate Alexander Domínguez.

Peruvian midfielder Raziel García and Rangel himself tried again, but nothing worked. Rafael Bustamente looked for him at the premises. When the minutes of the fans were consumed in the first half, Jaguares celebrated a goal by Andrés Rentería but the joy did not last long. The VAR intervened and canceled the goal action. It all happened because of a previous fault. With the 0-0 they went to rest.

In the complement, Deportes Tolima came out with a better intention and what was planned quickly came out. Coach Hernán Torres decided to give Yohandry all the prominence and took out the Peruvian to add another chip in attack: Jeison Lucumí. About 49 ‘the goal came. They took advantage of a poor delivery by Andrés Arroyo and after Orozco assisted, Luis Miranda got rid of the defender and took a right hand down the side of goalkeeper Mina.

Tolima continued to generate risk in Mina’s properties and at 62 minutes he thought of expanding the account. The referee sanctioned a penalty for a light touch on Rangel, but it ended up invalidated by the VAR, as a result of a previous handball by Miranda.

But that was not all. The visit continued working for the goal and as a reward, the second arrived at 87′. Everything happened after a long serve by goalkeeper Domínguez. Caicedo fought the ball and taking advantage of the slowness of the defense, Lucumí took a right hand -with great virtue- impossible for Mina. This is how Tolima sealed a 0-2 in Montería.



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