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Sara Takanashi Painting / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu

Former professional baseball player and baseball commentator GG Sato complained to the Japanese people. However, the theory is that a frightened voice is erupting from the Internet.

GG Sato mentioned Sara Takanashi, who was disqualified for violating the suit regulations in the Beijing Olympics jumping mixed team.

【connection】Sara Takanashi’s “suit disqualification” makes a noise … “I’m not a fair judge,” angry voices other

Takanashi updated his Instagram after the competition and said, “I’m deeply disappointed that the Japanese team has taken away the chances of medals, and everyone who has supported and supported the team so far. I’m really sorry for the result. ”《I don’t think I can take responsibility because the medal will not be returned even if I apologize, but I need to think about my future competition》 Has announced a comment.

Then GG Sato was furious that Takanashi apologized because of the Japanese people. On his own Twitter, “Society that makes Takanashi say such things is not good” “Anonymous slander does not release stress. Such words make the person who said them poorer and alienate from a prosperous life. ”

GG Sato ignoring Sara Takanashi’s feelings

However, on the internet, there are few comments that criticize Takanashi’s disqualification. If there is criticism, mostly sympathetic, it is a criticism of the ski jumping rules.Therefore, GG Sato’s argument is that on the net

《GG should be honest and silent. I don’t think most Japanese people need to apologize for Takanashi-san’s case. ”

“Does anyone really say” war criminals “? I only want to encourage Takanashi-san. ”

<< I don't hear the voices that criticize me so much. If I had time to make up, I think that fucking rice like that was a story before the group.

<< There weren't many people who were slandered online. She was overwhelmed by the worries that she was "mentally okay".

“Hmm? Do those words stand out? I also saw a lot of comments, but there are very few criticisms of the players. ”

A flood of doubts.In addition, GG Sato

<< I don't think it's necessary because I think that it will lead to a feeling of feeling by emitting from the person's mouth >>

“No, I just wanted to apologize. I hope that by apologizing, my feelings have become a little easier. ”

《Sara Takanashi apologized to the people who were expecting her to be disqualified, the people involved, and the people who supported her. I think his intention is different. I didn’t let you say it, but the intention of the person》

In the first place, it has been pointed out that the purpose of the apology is completely different.

“GG ​​Sato may have repeated this time with the fact that he himself made a big error in the century on the international stage and was beaten up from all over Japan. But unfortunately it is completely different. The matter is another story. ”(Entertainment reporter)

Takanashi may also be confused by the defense that makes things strange.



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