Illness in the mountain house, the entrepreneur Frandoli dies

SPILIMBERGO – Company, sport and family. This was Mauro Frandoli, an entrepreneur from Vacile di Spilimbergo who died yesterday morning in his apartment in Piancavallo of a cardiac arrest. Frandoli, who has always been a lover of the mountains and skiing, got up regularly and then went to bed on the sofa at home. In the middle of the morning, his daughter found him lifeless and alerted the emergency services. The intervention of the local medical guard and the ambulance was of no avail.

It is a drama that has deeply shaken both the mountain town and the Pilimberg area, but also all those people who knew Mauro Frandoli in their working and everyday life, especially in the world of sport. Frandoli, born in 1963, was in fact the director of the homonymous company located in the northern industrial area of ​​Spilimbergo, a leader in the production of curtain rods and accessories. An activity that he had inherited from his father years ago and which he had transformed with foresight from a curtain company into a curtain accessories company. Thanks to this intuition – and with the opening to new markets – the company had expanded becoming a jewel in its sector. His wife, Denise De Monte, also collaborates with the company, with whom she would have celebrated her thirtieth anniversary in September of this year.

What Frandoli was spending in Piancavallo must have been a special weekend, because during the week the official promotion of his son Stefano to ski instructor had arrived, a passion transmitted by his father to all his three children: Carolina, Stefano and Elena. Precisely for this promotion, on Saturday evening he had organized a toast in a bar in Piancavallo, where Stefano’s friends arrived. An evening of fun, together with their daughter Carolina, then the return home. The entrepreneur got up without showing any suffering. He had breakfast, nothing foreshadowed the drama.

Mauro Frandoli was also a great lover of sport, in particular of skiing, having been the competitive coordinator of the Ski Club Pordenone, as well as being an active part of the alpine ski commission of the Friuli Venezia Giulia Regional Committee for the four-year period 2018-2022. For several years he had also approached the world of basketball. Involved by the club, he had begun to attend the Spilimbergo sports hall with his wife Denise for Vis matches. “It was practically love at first sight,” the leaders of Vis recall from their headquarters. In addition to the games he had also begun to sponsor the team, but his passion for the ball in wedges went further, so much so that for some years he had also subscribed to the A pu Udine which plays in the A2 series. Last night at the PalaCarnera the match between Udine and Treviglio was scheduled, but yesterday morning Frandoli had said that this time he would not go to the Udine sports hall.

The entrepreneur gave his all for the company and for the sport. He never complained about the very high rhythms imposed by his work and his daily life. A life broken too soon and which leaves a tremendous void in a family that will now have to leave without their own guide.



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