From clubs to CR7, almost no one escaped Football Leaks

It was announced to the world on September 29, 2015 and quickly shook the backstage of Portuguese (first) and world football (shortly later), denouncing promiscuous club contracts, previously hidden commissions, prohibited passes sharing, tax evasion schemes. and even an accusation of rape against the captain of the national team, Cristiano Ronaldo.

Created by Portuguese hacker Rui Pinto – arrested last Wednesday in Budapest, Hungary -, the website Football Leaks has exposed a large part of the vices hitherto deprived of football and its idols. The project presented itself as a platform to expose “the hidden part of football”. “Funds, commissions, deals, everything serves to enrich certain parasites who take advantage of football, sucking clubs and players”, read the introductory message.

Rui Pinto is now also accused of being at the origin of the dissemination of Benfica’s emails (through other platforms) which resulted in several lawsuits involving the club da Luz, but, at the beginning of Football Leaks, Sporting, FC Porto and the Doyen fund, owned by Portuguese businessman Nélio Lucas, seemed the prime targets.

Football Leaks began by publishing a large number of contracts linked, above all, to the Alvalade club. Like the contract of coach Jorge Jesus, who the previous summer had left Benfica for Sporting, or the failed contracts for the acquisition of the players Mitroglou and Cervi, who would end up in the rival of Luz, and the confidential documents of the tug of war between lions and the Doyen fund in the case of Rojo, an Argentine defender who had moved to Manchester United.

The perception that Sporting, above all, and FC Porto were the main targets of the hacker(s) even led the leonine president at the time, Bruno de Carvalho, to suggest that Benfica would be in the origin of Football Leaks – and in particular Pedro Guerra, television commentator affectionate to the reds, who 15 days before had shown on TVI24 a draft of the contract offered by the lions to Mitroglou, later published on the website.


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