Fonseca and his family leave Ukraine: they are returning to Portugal

Paulo Fonseca and his family have left Ukraine. They were transported out of Kiev along with about fifty compatriots thanks to three coaches set up by the Portuguese embassy. They are currently passing through Moldova, in the course of a very long journey in terms of both hours and kilometers. Once they have arrived in Romania, the embassy will meet there in a hotel and will transport them to Portugal by air.

The words of Katerina Fonseca

Paulo Fonseca’s wife, Katerina, wanted to thank all her followers for the support received through a story on Instagram. “To our friends from all over the world: you are absolutely amazing! Thanks for your strong support, for your prayers and the help received in our darkest days. Thanks to you. Now my family and I are safe“. Katerina Fonseca then continued:”I will always remember your kindness, every hand that helped us, every word. I’m in pieces, my heart is in pieces. So much pain, fear and tears in two terrible days. Criminal war, I hate you, Ukraine, I love you. “



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