Euroleague: BLMA Ana Filip’s Gazelle, atypical in more ways than one

The BLMA loop against Salamanca its regular season this Thursday, February 24 (8 p.m.).

At the launch of the season in Paris, she distinguished herself by her intervention as an ambassador for “Elementary Rules”, the first French association to fight against menstrual precariousness.

Player involved, the native of Bucharest (32 years old) is still within this Women’s League, where she is a rarity. His height, 1.95 m, his longevity (15th season in LFB in Bourges, Villeneuve-d’Ascq, Tarbes, BLMA, Charleville-Mézières with departures then returns, this interlude also of one year in Polkowice), i.e. 50 % of his existence on the courts, his dual Franco-Romanian nationality mark his difference. But not only…

Because Ana Maria is part of a very small family of players who have defended the colors of the French 5×5 and 3×3 teams. With participation in the Olympic Games, World Games, Euros and medals of each metal.

“It’s true, I have been very very spoiled even though my career has not been a long calm river and I am not part of a golden generation. I went to seek everything I got by dint of perseverance, work and thanks to my mind”details the interested party.

Handicapped by Covid-19

If the n ° 11 of the Gazelles has so many specificities, it has not however escaped the Covid-19 which has handicapped it for several weeks. “I feel tired, and I’m still in pain in terms of breath, it takes time to come back, so we hunker down like the team”she wants to be positive.

His season almost over

Added to this was a knee problem which is disturbing her and will force her to end her season prematurely… perhaps as early as this Sunday depending on the progress to find her a substitute. “It’s frustrating but I know I’m going to have to go into a care protocol, it’s part of life. The pain has gone up a grade and even if we have a higher than average threshold in the high level, it is useless to aggravate the evil. But I would remain “pro” until the end”she explains.

Especially since at 32, she provides “to be in better shape than at the start of my career, and not to be ready for the next life! I have fewer injuries and have every intention of continuing, taking on new challenges.”

That of the BLMA, where she is better placed vis-à-vis Valéry Demory, attracts her. The scar of the 3×3 still alive, she was one of the pillars (2017/2021), the captain, but learned of her eviction by Twitter… before being called, therefore remains her club. This double trigger BLMA, Euroleague quarter-finalist, virtual 9th ​​in LFB!

“It’s very paradoxical and frustrating at the same time to have lost matches because we never play ten. We are all frustrated competitors to be in this position. I want to stay positive and not think or play-down where there is pressure, nor relegation. We showed great things and we have our destiny in our hands.” concludes the one who will soon turn into a shock supporter.

► This match can be followed live, from 8 p.m., on nour site in partnership with viàOccitanie.

This BLMA – Salamanca will close this group A dominated by the Russians of Ekaterinburg (28 points) who rolled MBA Moscow (104-65) while Riga TTT beat the Hungarians of KSC Szekszard 69-68. The 2nd place currently occupied by Prague (24 pts) will therefore go to Salamanca (23 pts) in the event of success at Lattes (4th, 19 pts). Finally, Riga (5th) and Umana Reyer Venice (6th) are donated to the Eurocup.


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