Eli Cesáreo will leave Super Amara at the end of this season

Eli Cesáreo, together with Tati Garmendia. / MICHELENA

Super Amara Bera Bera

The 22-year-old pivot will sign for a foreign club and does not want to leave “without the league and the cup”

Beñat Arnaiz

The Super player Amara Bera Bera Eli Cesáreo announced this Tuesday that she will leave the San Sebastian club at the end of the season after being enrolled in it for three seasons. Although she has not revealed her new destination for 2022/23, she has confirmed that she is going abroad.

The 22-year-old Catalan pivot has expressed that “I am very happy and very happy to have played for Bera Bera, the team that all young players want to join, but my body and my head have asked me to and I have decided to go to abroad to compete more and have a role that I feel I cannot have here.

She has hoped that “hopefully in the not too distant future all Spanish players can play in our league”, so she has not closed the door to a return to San Sebastián at another stage of her career. “Nerd. I really mean it. I am very happy in Donosti and hopefully in a few years I can return, it would be very nice, and for Tati to continue », she joked with the president of the section, who accompanied her in the announcement on her birthday.

Despite the fact that there are three months left before the end of the season, this time is usually when the market begins to move and Cesáreo has wanted to take the weight off the announcement to focus on what remains of the competition, with the league still to mooring and the special appointment of the Cup the last weekend of April in Illunbe. “I have been super happy in Donosti, but there is still a long season to go and there is a league and a cup to win.”

In addition, he has transmitted that the reactions in the locker room to the announcement of his departure have been “positive” on the part of the companions, who already knew it for a few weeks. “I felt that people expected it. The reactions were directed by the ‘maybe it’s time’. I am very nervous about this new step, but at the same time focused on what remains for us at Bera Bera.”

“It is a sensible low”

Tati Garmendia has considered Cesáreo’s departure “a sensitive loss” for the next campaign, “although we have already had them in recent years and we will try to replace it in the best possible way. After all, it is our daily bread. We are becoming more and more important in Europe and we are in the eyes of all the teams.”

In addition, he has shared a reflection not directly related to the case of Eli Cesáreo. “There seems to be a feeling that you always have to leave, but not everyone can play or is qualified to compete abroad.” Regarding Cesáreo, he has declared that he “is going to make a jump to a better league.”



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