Dwayne Johnson will fulfill his childhood dream in this Super Bowl LVI: “It’s funny how life works”

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“Life has closed its circle.” With this sentence, Dwayne Johnson explained the emotion that lives in these hours, prior to his participation in the Super Bowl LVI. The actor and former wrestler will help narrate the pregame show between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals on NBC, followed by the pregame speech.

“After all these years, my football dream of being on the Super Bowl field has finally come true. This will be historic. This will be my honor. This will be electrifying. See you this Sunday!” he wrote on Twitter, but it was on Instagram where he further explained his excitement.

The actor said that since childhood he dedicated his life to training to become an NFL player. Therefore, he revealed that it is a privilege “to stand on the hallowed ground of the Super Bowl at SoFi Stadium.” this Sunday.

Immediately afterwards, Dwayne Johnson said that “My biggest dream was to play in the NFL and win a Super Bowl.” “I worked hard for years and I knew I was going to make that dream come true. I failed and none of that happened. It just wasn’t my trip.”he added.

But life gave him this opportunity, years later, to close the circle, “As I stand at the 50-yard line at the Super Bowl, I will galvanize, rally and electrify over 80,000 passionate football fans who love the game just like I do.”.

“It’s funny how life works sometimes. My football dreams failed, but many years later, they came true.. In a much bigger and more influential way. Grateful,” she sentenced.

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